Институт инженеров по электротехнике и радиоэлектронике (IEEE)

Томская группа и студенческое отделение Института инженеров по электротехнике и радиоэлектронике

Томская группа IEEE
Letter of YP Group Formation

Группа молодых инженеров Сибирской секции IEEE

IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group

YP Affinity Group (Young Professionals) of the Siberia Section has always been serving the IEEE community with dignity and honor. Especially in the past years, our Group has become an extremely active organization in Siberia and even in EAME. We are going to carry on the IEEE spirit and strive to fulfill "Networking the world" to greater heights.

The events we are planning for the near future are focused on extending the educational experience of YPies in electrical and computer engineering, radio and other related fields. Moreover, we will organize community services to enrich the life through positive contributions for the IEEE benefits. Our goal is to increase our members' affinity and understanding towards the profession by extending the range of activities and services offered, and to raise the profile of our group and the general awareness of IEEE through better interaction with existing and potential members. We are part of an international community, and our activities are designed to bring together members from different fields of science and education, different universities and different countries. You are very welcomed to be part of us and discover your utmost potential in our family.

In serving the YP, we recognize a simple but powerful truth: it is more blessed to give than to receive. We are called to do great things in life. However, we have to start with the little things first. Every day we are called to do small things with great passion.

Everyone can fulfill the vision of IEEE. We trust that all dreams about IEEE activity will come true soon. With the new framework in place we are all set to make our time a memorable for us!

IEEE YP Affinity Group – Young Professionals has been established in Russia Siberia Section on May 14, 2003.

If you are an IEEE member who graduated with your first professional degree within the last ten years, you are automatically part of IEEE YP!

IEEE YP conducts several activities in the field of personality development. They also conduct programs for the benefit of IEEE Student Members as well.
Being a YP member has several extra advantages:

- Professional development conferences;
- YP member participants, accompanied by experienced IEEE members, discuss about;
- Job and career fit 3/4 the key to career success;
- Identifying your strengths;
- Assessing your fit to your job and your career;
- Techniques for performing key professional skills.

Value added – Discount for Graduating Student members IEEE Student members who graduate and are elevated to full IEEE membership, will automatically receive a one-year discount of 50 % off of the full higher grade IEEE and Society membership dues rates upon renewal. The offer is available once to IEEE Student members upon their graduation and elevation to full higher IEEE membership. The discount is available to all IEEE Student members graduating with an undergraduate or graduate degree. IEEE Student members who previously graduated with a Bachelors degree and received a discount upon their elevation to full IEEE member grade, would not be eligible to receive the 50% discount again if they returned to school and completed an advanced degree program.

For special achievements, innovations or leadership recognition the regional activities boards are able to present an award. Nominations are possible via the online YP award nomination form.
Therefore, YP is:

- IEEE technology and information
- Online research & career Resources
- Online job search
- Professional networking opportunities
- Peer connection
- Local social activities
- Leadership opportunities



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