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IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group

Dear colleagues! YP Affinity Group (Young Professionals) of the Siberia Section has always been serving the IEEE community with dignity and honor. Especially in the past years, our Group has become an extremely active organization in Siberia and even in EAME. We are going to carry on the IEEE spirit and strive to fulfill "Networking the world" to greater heights.

The Russia Siberia IEEE YP is an IEEE affinity group that encourages the participation of young engineers in promoting the engineering community, fosters real communication between the university and the industry and enhances skills needed for better performance in the professional world. YP has started in Siberia in 2005 and prior to its fast and confident paces it is now the most active AG in the IEEE Region 8.

Our group provides a collaborative network for new and recent graduates in the Siberia Section Area. This is a place where young engineering professionals can gather to network, collaborate, and fuel constructive discussion. Our members bring experience from many disciplines including electrical, computer, and software engineering. We aim to simulate the exchange of ideas and experience among young practicing engineers and provide an anchor for new graduates. We invite Siberia's young engineering community to join us for a fresh perspective on our ever-changing industry.

The events we are planning for the near future are focused on extending the educational experience of YPies in electrical and computer engineering, radio and other related fields. Moreover, we will organize community services to enrich the life through positive contributions for the IEEE benefits. Our goal is to increase our members' affinity and understanding towards the profession by extending the range of activities and services offered, and to raise the profile of our group and the general awareness of IEEE through better interaction with existing and potential members. We are part of an international community, and our activities are designed to bring together members from different fields of science and education, different universities and different countries. You are very welcomed to be part of us and discover your utmost potential in our family.

Институт инженеров - это не Институт инженеГровIn serving the YP, we recognize a simple but powerful truth: it is more blessed to give than to receive. We are called to do great things in life. However, we have to start with the little things first. Every day we are called to do small things with great passion.

Everyone can fulfill the vision of IEEE. We trust that all dreams about IEEE activity will come true soon. With the new framework in place we are all set to make our time a memorable for us!



If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive.
If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative.


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