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Official IEEE Group on Linked-in for YP

IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group

IEEE YP (Young Professionals) is a program developed to help student members transition into young professionals. It helps young professionals to advance fast in their careers. YP offers programs and services to graduating students, recent graduates and young engineers.

Official IEEE Group on Linked-in encapsulates members from all regions around the globe to share experiences, knowledge, and engagement with other IEEE members through Linked-In. Due to resource limitations, the discussions on these forums are intended solely for member to member communication. It is a powerful tool for both students and working people.

This is your group, we look forward to the interactions of IEEE members on this group and hope that you see this as yet another engagement vehicle for IEEE members provided as a supplement to the other IEEE electronic member capabilities.

In our vision, Linked-in can be used as a tool for professional networking, group collaboration, business lead generation, recruitment, professional resumes, address books, recommendations, and others.

As a small business owner you can use LinkedIn to develop professional contacts that we don't know personally (mostly) in our general areas of operation: electromagnetic environmental effects and spectrum supportability. LinkedIn recommends you connect with people you know, but we can just use Outlook for people we know. We need a way to reach people we do not know and LinkedIn is pretty good for that.

In addition to the regular connections through you personal profile, you can also establish a group where you can post additional information, requirements, questions, etc.

Linkedin is very important tool for the students to get professional contacts which can help me in my career development. Many people have made lot of industry contacts with engineers & HR persons through linkedin.

There are lot of professional groups also where you can share you thoughts and start discussion regarding getting jobs. Hope to find more people in your firm to get some useful comments to develop my future career.

You can use it to get reacquainted with past colleagues, take the place of Outlook contacts, see what is happening with colleagues, and a convenient place to advertise you expertise.

Networking on Linked-in can be a way to get technical questions answered. It can also be a way to meet contacts with expertise in other domains of knowledge other than your own. Additionally, many career enhancing contacts, and mentors can potentially found especially if one is at a smaller company that lacks the resources for extensive internal networking. The discussion forums are an excellent evolution toward the building of profesionnal communities.


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