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IEEE Russia Siberia Section History


A long discussions concern forming a section IEEE in Siberia took place during the IEEE Conferences and Chapter Chair Meetings since 1998. We felt the great benefits of IEEE for electronics and computer professionals in universities, academia, and industry entities, and for the development of all Siberia. We did not possess at that time the 50 members signatures required for the petition to form the section. This fact considerably boosted our enthusiasm and zeal for the section establishment.

The efforts to create this section started by several Novosibirsk colleagues in NSTU and SibSUTI universities. During 1999-2002 the powerful campaign for recruiting new members was launched, more specifically in Novosibirsk universities enterprises. We pay attention to them since they certainly contributed to the success of the overall formalization process of the section. Though different problems obstructed the success of the project. A main problem was small IEEE membership in Siberia at all. We doubted in constant membership because most of members was granted and subsided they own membership dues.

Nevertheless this point finally to apply a section formation the committee of Siberian Chapter Chairs was formed. It was time of Chapter Chair Meeting in Milano in fall 2002. The committee communicated with IEEE headquarter and started the procedure for applying for section establishment. Signature of 62 IEEE members were collected and formal application was sent to the IEEE Headquarter. On 13 February 2003 the Section was officially formed by the IEEE Regional Activities Board (RAB).

The Geocode for the section is R80089. Its boundaries are defined as Ural through Far Eastern Region, postal codes 454000-46000, 620000-694923. Shortly after the approval the RAB and IEEE Region 8 Membership Development Chair organized elections of the Executive Committee members (ExCom) of new 300th Section. Several active members were nominated in the ExCom. The first meeting of the ExCom was hold on March 21, 2003 at the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics. There ExCom begin to prepare Charter of Section. Some of technical activities were discussed and approved. These activities was for a long time organized by volunteers of Section in Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Biysk.

Since establishment of the IEEE Russia Siberia Section we are trying to extend our activities to various sectors of academia and engineering enterprises. We do have a very ambitious objectives and everybody is trying to do his best to meet these objectives. The central Siberian cities (Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Biysk etc) is also known by its large number of universities. It is the highest in the whole territory compared to the number of population. Nearly all these universities have electrical, electronic or computer engineering as well as computer science and information technology departments and in some of them information technology colleges. The Siberian engineers in general do not work after graduation only in Russia but spread all over the world.

Членство в Секции по городам

IEEE membership in Siberia is a unique one: a ratio of IEEE students to full members is the highest all the world. The students hold activities in close contacts with the IEEE Russia Siberia Section. The students branches are active in the all universities where they exist and at Region 8 level. Hence the follow up of the student members to continue their membership after graduation needs a continued effort. This task will be carried out by the YP representative. So we feel we could do better than this and we will be trying with the help of IEEE to enlarge our membership.

Членство в Секции по городам

The Russia Siberia Section will not only be involved in technical activities that will interest Universities. The IEEE activities can be of a great importance and added value to IT business in Siberia. This can be done through different programs and activities offered by the IEEE such as conferences, courses, learning programs, and workshops. The IEEE can also be of significant benefits to the Siberian engineering and science schools and universities through the education and accreditation programs it offers. So far most of our efforts have focused mainly on people from academia, either professors or students, whereas the IEEE is an institute of engineers. Therefore, we are establishing an action plan for involving the electrical and computer engineers in our activities. They will certainly benefit from the IEEE Technology and innovation transfer who in turn will help to upgrade our industry and make it stronger and more competitive.

The unique networking opportunities offered by the IEEE at the global scale can play a very important role in improving our academia, industry and government units. So, our Section invite all of you to take part in these activities and by so to contribute to the development of our universities, industry, and business. It need to increase membership value by giving one free society membership with increased benefits according to membership grade, volunteer contributions, and years of membership.

We are happy with we have achieved. The IEEE community here at the Russia Siberia Section is happy and proud to be a part of such a great organization, we are looking forward for more activities, projects and fun.

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