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SIBCON 2017 Proceedings. Contents

International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications (SIBCON–2017). Proceedings. – The Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch. – Kazakhstan, Astana, June 29-30, 2017


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SIBCON 2017 Proceedings. Contents

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Welcome Message from the General Chair

Welcome Message from the Technical Program Chair

Session U1. Control Systems
Structural and Parametric Identification of Linear Dynamic Systems of Fractional Order with Noise on Input and Output
V.V. Engelgardt, D.V. Ivanov, O.A. Katsyuba

A Block LMS-type Algorithm for Sparse System Identification with Analysis
Cemil Turan, Mohammad Shukri Salman

The Process State Identification Methodology Based on the Associative Search
Ekaterina Sakrutina

Identification of Fuzzy Classifiers Based on the Mountain Clustering and Cuckoo Search Algorithms
K.S. Sarin, I.A. Hodashinsky

Analytical synthesis of state observer for timevarying dynamic system in the presence of signal perturbations
Dem'yanov D. N.

Adaptive Systems with an Identifier: an Application of Control Randomization for Linear Plants with Large Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Alexander Bunich

Session C1. Communications
Full Duplex Wireless Communication System, Analog and Digital Cancellation, Experimental Research
E. V. Rogozhnikov, A. S. Koldomov, D. A. Pokamestov, Ya. V. Kryukov

Improving Pedestrian Navigation System Performance through the Use of Non-orthogonal Redundant Inertial Measurement Units
Pavel Marinushkin, Alexey Levitskiy, Fedor Zograf

A System for Measurement of Electromagnetic Wave Scattered by Small UAVs
A.V. Khristenko, V.A. Khlusov, M.O. Konovalenko, A.V. Marchenko, N.D. Malyutin, M.E. Rovkin, A.A. Sutulin

Service-oriented architecture and its application to smart capabilities of sensors
Vasil`ev V.A., Chernov P.S., Gromkov N.V., Shcherbakov M. A.

Universal Coefficients for Precise Interpolation of GNSS Orbits from Final IGS SP3 Data
Alexander S. Pustoshilov, Sergey P. Tsarev

Mutual Interference Suppression Methods In Ultra-Wideband Navigation Systems With Combined Data Channel
Valery N. Bondarenko, Timur V. Krasnov, Vadim F. Garifullin

Session E1. Energetics
Optimization of the Parameters of Magnetic System for Linear Magnetoelectric Drive
Andrey A. Tatevosyan

Double Inverter-fed Induction Motor Energy Performances Research at Analytical Model
Tutaev G.M., Bobrov M.A.

Comparison of Power Consumption of Synchronous Reluctance and Induction Motor Drives in a 0.75 kW Pump Unit
Vadim Kazakbaev, Vladimir Prakht, Vladimir Dmitrievskii, Sergei Sarapulov, Dmitri Askerov

Pulse-vector control of induction and synchronous motors
A.A. Imanova, A.N. Gorozhankin, S.P. Gladyshev

Determination of the Multicircuit Equivalent Parameters for the Linear Electromagnetic Motor with a Massive Anchor by the Non-Stationary Magnetic Field Analysis in Elcut Software
Aleksandr S. Tatevosyan, Natalya V. Zaharova

Calculation and Experimental Study on Iron Loss of Converter-Fed Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Indirect Efficiency Determination
Vadim Kazakbaev, Vladimir Prakht, Vladimir Dmitrievskii, Dmitri Askerov

Sensorless Determination of Initial Position of the Rotor of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor of the Gearless Elevator Hoist
I.Yu. Krasnov, S.V. Langraf, I.G. Odnokopylov, Y.V. Krokhta, N.M. Natalinova, O.V. Galtseva, A.A. Rogachev


Session NI. Measurements
Measurement System for Test Memory Cells Based on Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer Running Labview Software
I.I. Shvetsov-Shilovskiy, A.B. Boruzdina, A.V. Ulanova, A.A. Orlov, K.M. Amburkin, A.Y. Nikiforov

Automated Pediatric Cardiovascular Simulator for Left Ventricular Assist Device Evaluation
A.A. Pugovkin, D.V. Telyshev

Peculiarities of Measuring the Semiconductor Diodes Current-voltage Characteristics using NI MYDAQ
Alexander Suranov, Vadim Oshlakov

Automated measurement system for optoelectronic devices based on National Instruments PXI-platform
Maksim E. Cherniak, Alexander.А.Pechenkin, Roman K. Mozhaev, Anastasia V. Ulanova, Alexander Y. Nikiforov

Automated Measuring System for MIL-STD-1553 Integrated Circuits Functional and Parametric Control
A.E. Rudenkov, A.O. Akhmetov, D.V. Bobrovsky, A. I. Chumakov, A.N.Schepanov

A LabVIEW Implementation of Digital Waveform Quadrature Oscilator by Virtual Instrumentation
Branislav Dobrucky, Mariana Marcokova, Libor Hargas, Roman Konarik, Dusan Koniar

Test Stand for Prospective Mobile Power-Supply Sources
A.S. Alimbaev, A.B. Mirmanov, V.S. Uss, P.P. Shumakov


Session P1. Electron Devices

Modeling of current-voltage and dI/dV-characteristics of nanocontact "Niobium - Carbon nanotube (5,5) - Niobium"
Daulet Sergeyev, Nurgul Zhanturina, Kuanyshbek Shunkeyev

The Method of the Bandwidth Extension of the Transimpedance Amplifiers with the Paraphase Output for the Sensor Signal Processing Tasks
I.V. Pakhomov, P.S. Budyakov, А.V. Bugakova, A.I. Gavlitsky

The Accounting of the Simultaneous Exposure of the Low Temperatures and the Penetrating Radiation at the Circuit Simulation of the BiJFET Analog Interfaces of the Sensors
O.V. Dvornikov, V.L. Dziatlau, N.N. Prokopenko, K.O. Petrosiants, N.V. Kozhukhov, V.A. Tchekhovski

Temperature dependences of the excess current and pseudogap in high-temperature superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O9
Daulet Sergeyev, Kuanyshbek Shunkeyev, Andrey Solovjov, Nurgul Zhanturina

Field-Plate Design Optimization for high-power GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
N.Е. Kurbanova, O.I. Demchenko, L.E. Velikovskiy, P.E. Sim

Session C2. Communications
Zadoff-Chu Sequence Based Initial Synchronization for Multipurpose MANET Devices
Aleksandr Timoshenko, Belousov Egor, Ksenia Molenkamp, Niek B. Molenkamp

Model of Сlosed Loop Control of Wireless Resource in Cellular Networks
Kirill N. Zotov, Ruslan R. Zdanov, Igor V. Kuznetsov

Comparative analysis of UFMC technology in 5G networks
Grigory Bochechka, Valery Tikhvinskiy, Ivan Vorozhishchev, Altay Aitmagambetov, Bolat Nurgozhin

Simulating Multi-Criteria Handover Algorithms in OMNeT++
Radion Bikmukhamedov, Adel Nadeev, Yevgeniy Yeryomin, Jochen Seitz

Statistical evaluation of the influence of irregularities of reflecting surfaces at the planning of WLAN indoors
Panychev A.I., Vaganova A.A.


Session U2. Control Systems
Application of a continuous oil product quality analysis using neural networks
А.A. Ibatullin, A.A. Ogudov, R.A. Khakimov, E.V. Sheina

Determination of Slag Outflow Moment during Steel Teeming using Competitive Neural Network
Eremenko Y.I., Poleshchenko D.A., Tsygankov Yu.A., Kovriznich Yu.A.

Non-linear Filtration Of Impulse Noise By Means Of Cellular Neural Networks
Elena Solovyeva

On Neural Tuner Application to Adjust Speed Pcontroller of Rolling Mill Main DC Drive
Glushchenko A.I., Petrov V.A.

Servo systems with incomplete information
Reshetnikova G.N., Khabibulina N.Yu., Kotcubinskiy V.P., Polonskaya M.S.


Session P2. Electron Devices
LED-Based Visible Light Communication and Positioning Technology and SoCs
Tian Lang, Zening Li, Gang Chen, Albert Wang

Influence of Ultrashort Pulse Duration on Localization of Crosstalk Peak Values in PCB of Spacecraft Autonomous Navigation System
R.R. Gazizov, A.O. Belousov, T.R. Gazizov

The Investigation of Microstrip Filters with Wide Stopband
S.A. Khodenkov, V.A. Shokirov

Method of Lay-Out of а Multilayer PCB for Circuits with Triple Reservation
P.E Orlov, E.N Buichkin, A.O. Belousov, T.R. Gazizov

TMR vs. DICE schematic analysis
Andrey Krasnyuk, Anna Kiseleva

Optimization of Three-conductor Microstrip Line Modal Filter by Heuristic Search and Genetic Algorithms
A.O. Belousov, T.T. Gazizov, T.R. Gazizov


Session C3. Communications
A Method of Equalizing Frequency Responses of Adaptive Antenna Array Channels
Alexey A. Erokhin, Evgeniy R. Gafarov, Pavel V. Shtro

Algorithms for adaptive processing of signals in a flat phased antenna array
V.N. Tyapkin, D.D. Dmitriev, I.N. Kartsan, S.V. Efremova

Estimation algorithm for determining angular position of the radiation sources for antenna array with errors
Y.K.Viboldin, S.V. Borisov

Broadband Four-Fed Circularly Polarized Quadrupole Antenna
Evgeniy R. Gafarov, Alexey A. Erokhin, Yuri P. Salomatov

Microstrip antenna with switchable polarization
Letavin Denis A., Sychugov Sergei G.

Quasi-likelihood detection of rectangle ultra-wideband quasi-radiosignal
Andrey P. Trifonov, Yury E. Korchagin, Konstantin D. Titov


Session E2. Energetics
The use of integral adaptation principle to increase the reliability of "DFIG - Wind Turbine" power system
A.A. Kuz'menko, A.S. Sinitsyn, A.S. Mushenko

Feasibility Study on Wind Energy Harvesting System Implementation in Moving Trains
Venera Nurmanova, Mehdi Bagheri, Adilet Sultanbek, Arsalan Hekmati, Hassan Bevrani

Control Device of Residual Damping Channel of Transmission Information
Ermuhamed Aynakulov, Daniyar Uskenbaev, Adolf Nogay, Zhanibek Aynakulov, Alibek Aynakulov

The Features of Using Two-Way Sensitivity Solar Modules FSM 280-30D in the Central Kazakhstan
А.D. Меkhtiyev, A.D. Alkina, A.V. Yurchenko, Y.G. Neshina, N.B. Davletbaeva

Improving of Operating Efficiency of Hybrid Hoppers of Electric Power
Adolf Nogay, Otkir Kabylbekova, Daniyar Uskenbaev, Ermuchamed Aynakulov, Artur Nogay, Dana Zhaksybayeva

Разработка конструкций мини ГЭС для предотвращения эвтрофикации равнинных рек и водоемов
Баубекова А.К., Баубеков К.Т.


Session P3. Electron Devices
Automated Synthesis and Measurement of Broadband CMOS Buffer Amplifier 1-5 GHz
I.M. Dobush, A.A. Kalentyev, D.A. Zhabin, A.E. Goryainov, A.S. Salnikov, F.I. Sheyerman, D.V. Garays

The New Architectures of the Class AB Differential Stages for the High-Speed CMOS-BiJFET of the Operational and Differential Difference Amplifiers of the Sensor Analog Interfaces
I.V. Pakhomov, D.V. Medvedev, А.V. Bugakova, V.P. Dimitrov

X_Ray Grading Procedure for Conventional 65-nm CMOS Technology
L.N. Kessarinskiy, G.G. Davydov, D.V. Boychenko, A.S. Artamonov, A.Y. Nikiforov, I.B. Yashanin

Design of Logical Elements for the 65-nm CMOS Translation Lookaside Buffer with Compensation of Single Events Effects
Vladimir Ya. Stenin, Artem V. Antonyuk, Pavel V. Stepanov, Yuri V. Katunin

Broadband Differential 1.5-5 GHz LO Buffer Amplifier Based On SiGe BiCMOS Technology
A.A. Kokolov, F.I. Sheyerman, L.I. Babak

The Element Base of the Multivalued Threshold Logic for the Automation and Control Digital Devices
N.N. Prokopenko, N.I. Chernov, V. Yugai, N.V. Butyrlagin


Session C4. Communications
Method of Digital Power Line Carrier Channels Throughput Increase in SCADA Traffic Transmission Based on Capturing and Compression of Data Packets
Anton G. Merkulov, Viatcheslav P. Shuvalov

Simulation and Parameters Optimization of Hybrid Frequency Synthesizers for Wireless Communication Systems
Alexandr M. Pilipenko

Interference Immunity Analysis of an Optimal Demodulator Under Peak Multiplexing of N-OFDM Spectrum
Vasilii A. Maystrenko, Vladimir V. Maystrenko, Alexander Lyubchenko

Computer-Aided Analysis of Reliability and Preventive Maintenance Optimization of Radio Communication Equipment Based on Multivariate Monte Carlo Simulation
Alexander Lyubchenko, Alexander Shiler, Evgeny Y. Kopytov, Vasilii A. Maystrenko

The method of differential identification inertial objects in random fields
V.S. Potylitsyn, D.S. Kudinov, K.A. Artemev

About application of radar technology in rail transport for the diagnostics of the condition of the rail track and rolling stock components
V.S. Potylitsyn, G.Y. Shaydurov, E.A. Kokhonkova
Analysis of influence impulse noise on parameter of induced polarization for method based on natural electromagnetic field of Earth
V. S. Potylitsyn, G. Y. Shaydurov, D. S. Kudinov


Session E3. Energetics
Intelligent Wireless Charging Station for Electric Vehicles
Adilet Sultanbek, Auyez Khassenov, Yerassyl Kanapyanov, Madina Kenzhegaliyeva, and Mehdi Bagheri

Energy Saving in Electric Drive of Boiler Blow Fan
Ivan Georgievich Slepnev, Alexander Yurievich Chernyshyov, Igor Aleksandrovich Chernyshev

Energy Saving in Electric Drives and Control of These Processes in the Sphere of Housing and Communal Services
K.A. Ibraev, E.K. Sarsembieva

The reactive power control of the power system load node at the voltage instability of the power supply
V.I.Kotenev, V.V. Kochetkov, D.A. Elkin

Development of UHF prototype installation - force-drying of dielectric objects reparation
Nabi K. Nabiyev, Dmitriy V. Ritter, Mars S. Akishev, Aigerim K. Imanbayeva

Automated Dry-type Transformer Aging Evaluation: A Simulation Study
Ilyas Soltanbayev, Radkhan Sarmukhanov, Sanzhar Kazymov, Talgat Otelgen, Mehdi Bagheri

Development of Algorithm Flow Graph, Mealy Automaton Graph and Mathematical Models of Microprogram Control Mealy Automaton for Microprocessor Control Device
Issenov S.S., Issenov Zh.S., Nurzhan N.N., Mendybayev S.A.

Volt/var control method considering limited switching operations based on the cluster approach
Artem Vanin


Session D1. Information Processing
Privacy Preserving DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm for Vertically Partitioned Data in Distributed Systems
Igor V. Anikin, Rinat M. Gazimov

Can GPU-accelerator significantly increase the effectiveness of conservative DBMS considerable volumes on cluster platforms?
Vadim A. Raikhlin, Roman K. Klassen

Methods and algorithms optimization of adaptive traffic control in the virtual data center
Irina Bolodurina, Denis Parfenov

Towards Reliable Low Cost Distributed Storage in Multi-clouds
N. Chervyakov, M. Babenko, A. Tchernykh, I. Dvoryaninova, N. Kucherov

Modeling and Analysis of Computational Resources of Information System
Arai Tolegenova, Botagoz Khamzina, Assemgul Zhantlessova


Session C5. Communications
Method and tool of satellite communicatioons systems noise immunity evaluation
Artyom A. Silantyev, Evgeny Y. Mikhlin, Evgeny V. Kuzmin, Aidar I. Vildanov

Selection of Parameters for CubeSat Nano-Satellite Stabilization Magnetic System
Arai Tolegenova, Assemgul Zhantlessova, Botagoz Khamzina, Lyudmila Soboleva

Надёжность космических аппаратов с учётом стойкости лётных партий электрорадиоизделий к различным видам воздействий космической радиации
Ю.В. Максимов, В. Е. Патраев, Е.А. Шангина, С.А. Авдюшкин

Preferential Attachment Random Graphs with Vertices Losses
Vladimir N. Zadorozhnyi

Analytical and Numerical Methods of Calibration for Preferential Attachment Random Graphs
Vladimir N. Zadorozhnyi, Evgeniy B. Yudin, Maria N. Yudina


Session E4. Energetics
Analysis energy efficiency of automated control system of LED lighting
S. Grigoryeva, A. Baklanov, D. Titov, V. Sayun, E. Grigoryev

Technical and Economic Feasibility of Thermal Accumulation of Energy at Autonomous Photovoltaic Power Stations
Boris V. Lukutin, Asem K. Orazbekova

2D Model of Axial-Flux Eddy Current Brakes with Slotted Conductive Disk Rotor
Sattarov Robert R.

Analysis of Electric Power Losses in Electric Networks Kazakhstan
Miras Baimoldin, Aigul Uakhitova, Bahtybek Bayniyazov

Обеспечение надежности действующих воздушных линий электропередачи для энергетики будущего
Утеулиев Б.А.

Application of a Three-Phase Sinusoidal Current to Produce a Rotating Magnetic Field
E.A. Alpeisov, A.U. Adzhanov, E.K. Sarsembieva


Session U3. Control Systems
Using modification of visibility-graph in solving the problem of finding shortest path for robot
Tran Quoc Toan, A.A. Sorokin, Vo Thi Huyen Trang

Developing the structure of the quality control system of power supply units in mobile robots
Mikheev M.Yu., Roganov V.R., Andreev P.G., Goryachev N.V., Trusov V.A.

Footstep Planning for a Six-Legged in-Pipe Robot Moving in Spatially Curved Pipes
Sergei Savin, Ludmila Vorochaeva

Penicilliform Anthropomorphic Manipulator
D.V. Shadrin, S.N. Torgaev, A.S. Kireev, O.A. Kozhemyak

Small scale personal navigation system based on micromechanical gyroscopes
Lo Van Hao, T.G. Nesterenko, P.F. Baranov, E.V. Zorina

Control movement of mobile robots inside building based on pattern recognition algorithm
I.A. Shcherbatov, Nguyen Tuan Dung, V.P. Glazkov, O.M Protalinskiy

Attitude and Altitude Stabilization of a Microcopter Equipped with a Robotic Arm
I.N. Ibrahim, M.A. Al Akkad, I.V. Abramov

Simulation Modeling of the Control System for Robotic Manipulator With Input Saturation
Eugenie L. Eremin, Evgeniy A. Shelenok


Session U4. Control Systems
Application PI2D controller in automatic control systems
C.P.Kotova, G.A. Frantsuzova

Two-cascaded gradient extremum closed loop with seeking self-oscillations
D.A. Suvorov, G.A. Frantsuzova

On Comparison of PI-Controller Neural Tuner and Siemens Simatic Adjustment System for Heating Furnaces Control Problem
Eremenko Y.I., Glushchenko A.I., Fomin A.V.

Economic MPC based on LPV model for thermostatically controlled loads
Nikita Zemtsov, Jaroslav Hlava, Galina Frantsuzova, Henrik Madsen, Rune Gronborg Junker, John Bagterp Jorgensen

Sensor/Channel Redundancy for Sensor-to-Actuator Networked Control Systems
Medhat M. Toubar, Hassan H. Halawa, Ramez M. Daoud and Hassanein H. Amer

Automotive and Telematics Transportation Systems
Tomasz Neumann


Session C6. Communications
Simulating Model of Back-Scattered Radiation of Ground Based on Electronic Equipment from Low Orbit Space Devices
Akhmedov Daulet, Yeryomin Denis, Kemesheva Dinara

Evaluation of Telecommunication System Reliability Via Stress Testing
Samoylenko A.P., Panychev A.I., Panychev S.A.

Radar method of monitoring geodetic section of high-altitude hydroelectric dams
G.Y. Shaydurov, D.S. Kudinov, E.A. Kokhonkova

Vision Area Parameters Analysis for Active-Pulse Television-Computing Systems
Viacheslav Kapustin, Andrey Movchan, Mikhail Kuryachiy


Session Y1. Image Processing
Ways to Improve Performance of Anisotropic Texture Filtering
A.N. Romanyuk, O.O. Dudnyk

An Algorithm for Generating Convex Obstacle-free Regions Based on Stereographic Projection
Sergei Savin

Text detection algorithm on real scenes images and videos on the base of Discrete Cosine Transform and Convolutional Neural Network
Polina M. Osina, Yuliya A. Bolotova, Vladimir G. Spitsyn

Method for the Restoration of Multicomponent Images Distorted by Applicative Disturbances
E.V. Medvedeva and E.E. Kurbatova

Telemetry Data Compression Algorithms Based On Operation of Displaying onto Geometric Surfaces
A.V. Levenets, I.V. Bogachev, En Un Chye

Two-level algorithm of facial expressions classification on complex background
Sannikov K.A., Bashlikov A.A., Druki A.A.


Session P4. Electron Devices
The optimal EOS amplitude increment at electric strength tests of electronics
N.S. Diatlov, P.K. Skorobogatov, K.A. Epifantsev

Controllable influence of the photodielectric effect to process of the submillimeter waves spread in quantum dots structures in an external magnetic field
V.D. Krevchik, A.V. Razumov, P.S. Budyansky, V.A. Vasilyev, N.V. Gromkov, D.V. Artamonov, M.B. Semenov, Yu-Hua Wang, Tian-Rong Li

The Static RAM on DICE Cells Spaced onto Two Groups
Vladimir Ya. Stenin, Pavel V. Stepanov

Effect of impedance of reference source on successive approximation ADC dynamic performance
Yury Bocharov and Vladimir Butuzov

The Design Features of the Differential and Differential Difference Current Amplifiers for the Sensor Signal Conversion with High Intrinsic Resistance
I.V. Pakhomov, A.E. Popov, A.I. Serebryakov, А.А. Ignashyn

Application features of MOSFET Spice models in design of radio-electronic equipment
Anton Sidaras, Elena Noskova, Denis Kapulin

About the Influence of Parameters Values Technological Fluctuation on the Power MOSFET Thermal Mode
Bespalov N. N., Lysenkov A. E., Ilyin M. V., Kapitonov S. S.

On nonstationary regimes in electric circuits with ferroelectric negative capacitance
Olga Kostromina, Alexander Potapov, Igor Rakut, Alexander Rassadin, Anton Tronov

Selection Method of Power Semiconductor Devices for Serial Group Circuits of Power Converters
N. N. Bespalov, S. S. Kapitonov, M. V. Ilyin, A. E. Lysenkov


Session C7. Communications
Evaluation of energy saving in Passive Optical Network
Aleksandr Roslyakov

Detection of sections with slightly changed optical characteristics in fiber optical communication lines
I.V. Bogachkov, A.I. Trukhina

Designing Fibonacci quasi-periodic superstructure Fiber Bragg Grating for multi-parameter sensing purposes
Abdollah Alizadeh, Somayeh Esmaeilpour

Corrective Chirp Adding for Minimizing Distortion in Radio-over-Fiber System Fiber Optic Line
Anna V. Andrianova, Grigory S. Voronkov, Albert Kh. Sultanov, Irina L. Vinogradova

Method for Improving Measurement Accuracy of Multilayer Environment Levels Using Time Domain Reflectometry
E.I. Trenkal, A.G. Loshchilov


Session K1. Measurements
Universal multichannel system for low frequency noise measurement
V. E. Ivanov En Un Chye

Distance Determination Based on Dual Frequency Method with Phase Correction
Yu.V. Shulgina, P.V. Sorokin, M.A. Kostina, E.M. Shulgin, Ya.V. Rozanova

Comparative Analysis of Step and Pulse Signals as a Test-Signals for Nonlinear Sensing of the Semiconductor Objects
Edward V. Semyonov, Valeriy Kosteletskiy

Программно-аппаратный комплекс для исследования в режиме скоростной видеосъёмки импульсного нагружения грунтов ударной нагрузкой
Грузин В.В., Грузин А.В., Шалай В.В.

Software-Hardware System for Measurement of the Pallet Dimensions
Pavel V. Sorokin, Maria A. Kostina, Svetlana I. Bortalevich, Olesya A. Kozhemyak, Evgeniy L. Loginov, Yuriy A. Shinyakov, Maxim P. Sukhorukov

Emission of Electromagnetic Disturbances from Coupling Paths of Avionics Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Rustam R. Gaynutdinov, Sergey F. Chermoshentsev
Controlling the motion of a group of unmanned flight vehicles in a perturbed environment based on the rules
Khachumov M.V.


Session U5. Control Systems
Development of Sigma-T ADC with Analogue Compensation of Error Caused by Edge Effects
Vasily Nikolaevich Ashanin, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Korotkov

Applying a Model Based Testing Approach for Testing the Communication Protocol between the Cash Register Software and the Loymax Service
Maria S. Forostyanova, Natalia V. Shabaldina, Nina V. Yevtushenko

Optimization Approach to Design of Linear Voltage Regulators for System on Chip
M.M Gourary, S.G. Rusakov, S.L. Ulyanov, M.M. Zharov

Research Indoor Robot Navigation Based on Short-Baseline Stereo Visual Odometry
Alexander Abdulov, Alexander Abramenkov

Visual Odometry System Simulator
Alexander Abdulov, Alexander Abramenkov

Information Operator Support Systems and Providing Normal Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
Elena Jharko

Information Operator Support Systems of Nuclear Power Plants and a Flexible Modeling Complex
Elena Jharko

The software reliability problem in a control system and quantum circuit
Vitaly G. Promyslov


Session B1. Information Security
Dynamically changing SCMA codebooks
D.A. Pokamestov. A.Ya. Demidov, Ya.V. Kryukov, E.V. Rogozhnikov

Some Functions of the "Safety management system" in the Transportation Area Safety Assurance
Ekaterina Sakrutina

Comparable Estimation of Network Power for Chisquared Pearson Functional Networks and Bayes Hyperbolic Functional Networks while Processing Biometric Data
A.I. Ivanov, P.S. Lozhnikov, S.E. Vyatchanin

The Theory of Emergency Management in Terms of an Inhomogeneous Structure and Parameters in Electrical and Electric Power Complexes
Ismagilov Flur Rashitovich, Shahmaev Ildar Zufarovich, Gaisin Bulat Maratovich

Modernization of Formant Method of Estimation of Voice Information Protection From Leakage Through Technical Channels
Trushin V. A., Reva I. L., Ivanov A. V.

A New Error Correction Scheme based on Concatenation of Self-Orthogonal Codes and Accumulate Codes
Ovechkin G.V., Demidov D.S., Satybaldina D.Zh., Omirbayev E.D.


Session K2. Measurements
Study of Crosstalks in the Cables of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Rustam R. Gaynutdinov, Sergey F. Chermoshentsev

Measurement of S-parameters of Random Carbon Antennas in the Near-field Zone under Pulsed Excitation
V.N. Fedorov, N.B. Drobotun, N.D. Malyutin

Ultrasonic Level Gauge Of Light Oil
Alexey I. Soldatov, Andrey A. Soldatov, Svetlana I. Bortalevich, Olesya A. Kozhemyak, Pavel V. Sorokin, Evgeniy L. Loginov, Yuriy A. Shinyakov, Maxim P. Sukhorukov

An Experimental Setup for Studying Electric Characteristics of Thermocouples
A.I. Soldatov, A.A. Soldatov, P.V. Sorokin, A.A. Abouellail, I.I. Obach, V.Y.Bortalevich, Y.A. Shinyakov, M.P. Sukhorukov

Poincare-Steklov filter in hardware-in-the-loop modeling
Mikhail Maksimov, Vladimir Llyashev, Nikolay Merezhin, Sergey Sinyutin

Filter synthesis for PMU
Alexey V. Mokeev

Effectiveness comparison of sampling methods of a range of values of a two-dimensional random value at probability density estimation
Alexandr V. Lapko, Vasily A. Lapko, Ekaterina A. Yuronen

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