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SIBCON 2015 Proceedings. Contents

International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications (SIBCON–2015). Proceedings. – Omsk: The Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch. Russia, Omsk, May 21-23, 2015


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SIBCON 2015 Proceedings. Contents


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Welcome Message from the General Chair

Welcome Message from the Technical Program Chair

Section 1. The Fundamental Problems of Communication and Control Theory

Accuracy of discrete-time signal reconstruction registered at 8-bit high-rate ADC output based on 0.18µm CMOS technology
S.V. Porshnev D.V. Kusaykin

A Method of Generating an Asymmetric Quasi-Sinusoidal Current
Grebennikov V.V., Slobodenuk A.B. , Yaroslavtsev E.V.

A Novel Suboptimal Piecewise-Linear-log-MAP Algorithm for Turbo Decoding
Ivanov Yu.Yu. , Romanyuk A.N., Kulyk A.Ia. Stukach O.V.

A polynomial algorithm for the braid double shielded public key cryptosystems
Roman’kov V.

A Review of Brain-Computer Interface Technology
Stankevich Ph. Spitsyn V.

A survey and performance evaluation of ad-hoc multi-hop routing protocols for static outdoor networks
Dugaev D. , Zinov S. , Siemens E. ,Shuvalov V.

About Possibility To Use The Data Of Navigation Satellites In High Latitudes
Blagoveshchensky D.V., Maltseva O.A., Anishin M.M., Rogov D.D.

About Superresolution For Global Navigation Satellite System Signals Reception In Case Of Multipath
Kuzmin E.V. , Vyakhirev V.A.

Adaptive Antenna Array quality estimation based on Statistical Analysis of Phase Distribution
Fufachev A. , Luppov A., Sintsov A. , Marenkov D.

Adaptive control of functional elements of complex radio electronic systems
Grishko A.K., Yurkov N.K.

Adaptive Systems Of Non-Stationary Signals Identification With Additional A-Priory Information
Polishchuk V.I. Sergeev V.L.

Alghoritm of block sporadic data transmission for telemechanics
Zebzeev A.

Algorithm increased tolerance by nonlinear effects in coherent homodyne optical systems
Ibragimov R. Z., FokinV. G.

Algorithms for processing acoustic signals in telecommunication systems by local parametric methods of analysis
Kropotov Y.A., Ermolaev V.A.

Analytical Study of Principles Organization ofConvergent Packet DPLC Networks with Transition from Frame Relay to IP Technology on the Examples of Projects Implemented in Kazakhstan
Merkulov A.G. Shuvalov V.P.

Application of a Noise Tolerant Code to Biometric Data to Verify the Authenticity of Transmitting Information
Lozhnikov P.S. , Volkov D.A. Sulavko A.E.

Application of genetic algorithm to configure artificial neural network for processing a vector multisensor array signal
Dykin V. S. , Musatov V. Yu., Varezhnikov A. S. , Bolshakov A.A., Sysoev V.V.

Applying the Ontological Approach to Design the Factor-Goal Analysis Information System
Silich M.P. , Gribkov E.I. , Osipova V.V., Silich V.A.

Approach to the Effective Controlling Cloud Computing Resources in Data Centers for Providing Multimedia Services
Bolodurina I., Parfenov D. Shukhman A.

Available Bandwidth Measurement for 10 Gbps Networks
Kachan D. , Siemens E. Shuvalov V.

Boolean-valued models of telecommunication systems in some problems of network security
Shcherba E.V.

Complex Of Non-Destructive Control For Pumps And Piston Compressors
Elkhutov S.N., Sitosanova O.V.

Consideration of Methods to Protect Frequency Resources of Satellite System Against Unauthorized Access
Kalashnikova A.S., Sukhotin V.V.

Constructing time series model with the optimal sampling period of continuous signals in telecommunications
Proskuryakov A.Y., Belov A.A., Kropotov Y.A.

Data Transformation By Segments With Fixed Length For Compression Tasks
Chye En Un, Fedyaev A.U., Levenets A.V.

Database Approach To Develop And Validate the Soil Moisture and Temperature Retrieval Algorithm Using SMOS Radiometric Data
Ruzicka Z.Z., Muzalevskiy K.V.

Decomposed Piecewise Memory Polynomial Predistortion For Nonlinear Power Amplifier
Solovyeva E., Kondakov A.

Derivation of the mode division multiplexed information transmission principles based on the spinor representation of Maxwell’s equations
Bagmanov V.Kh., Sultanov A.Kh. 

Deriving a module of a multi agent system via Finite State Machine equation solving
Darusenkova E., Yevtushenko N., Villa T.

Design and development of command and telemetric UHF-band communication system for unmanned aerial vehicles
Sushkov A.A. , Boev N.M. , Nigrutsa I.V.

Design and mathematical modeling of hybrid frequency synthesizers with automatic compensation of DDS interferences
Surzhik D.I., Kurilov I.A., Vasilyev G.S., Kharchuk S.M.

Detecting of the series of local effects in fiber-optic communication line using polarization effects and correlation analysis
Salikhov A.I., Sultanov A.Kh.

Detecting unit for x-ray nondestructive testing systems
Nam I.F. , Sakashev A.A. , Ryabkov S.A.

Development Call-Center Math Model with Qualification Levels of Operators
Sherstneva A.

Development of algorithms for face and character recognition based on wavelet transforms, PCA and neural networks
Bui T.T. , Phan N.H. Spitsyn V.G., Bolotova Yu. A., Savitsky Yu.V.

Development of Principles of Decameter Wave Range Ionosonde Construction
Budyak V.S., Zubkov M.P., Sizikov V.D.

Development of sequential optimizational algorithms for object detection in images
Druki A.A.

Development of the micromethod of evaluation of the coagulation process
Nosova E.V., Aristov A.A.

Development of The Protected Data Transfer Protocol For The MANET Networks on The Basis of Residue Number System
Chervyakov N.I., Babenko M.G., Krisina I.S., Nazarov A.S., Garianina A.I.

Development of the protected telecommunication systems
Zhukova M., Stefarov A.

Digital receiver for addressed direction finding of modern communication standards
Spazhakin M.I., Tokarev A.B.

Duplex Decameter Radio System
Shadrin B.G., Budyak V.S.

Dynamics and Control of Angular Acceleration of a Re-Entry Spacecraft with a Small Asymmetry in the Atmosphere in the Presence of the Secondary Resonance Effect
Lyubimov V.V.

Effect of RNS Moduli Set Selection on Digital Filter Performance for Satellite Communications
Chervyakov N.I. Lyakhov P.A.Kalita D.I. Shulzhenko K.S.

Evolution of a Radio Telecommunication Hardware-Software Certification Paradigm in Accordance with Information Security Requirements
Markov A. , Rautkin Yu. ,Luchin D. , Tsirlov V.

Fast estimation of error floor effect for irregular low-density parity-check codes
Ovinnikov A.A. , Vityazev V.V.

Features of the HEO Satellite Communication Systems
M. Tsimbal, S. Panko

Feasibility estimation of creating fault-tolerant prioritized transmission scheme in WSN
Khudonogova L.I. , Muravyov S.V.

Filter analysis at signals with variable parameters
Mokeev A.V.

Fine-Detail Level of Photorealistic Images. Application in the Multimedia System
Sai S.V.

Frequency synchronization techniquefor OFDM signals
Dulkeyt I.V., Zemlyanov I.S., Svistunov G.V.

Fuzzy Control Based on New Type of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Inference System
Anikin I.V., Zinoviev I.P.

Fuzzy Stream Cipher System
Anikin I.V., Alnajjar K.

Hardware-Software Complex for Studying of Digital Filters
Torgaev S.N., Di W., Chertikhina D.S., Kozhemyak O.A., Ponomarev S.V.

Impact of Live Streaming WLAN Transmission Characteristics on Video Quality
Abilov A., Chunaev A.

Improved Recursive Soft Sequental Estimation Algorithm for m-sequence Acquisition
Balanov M., Prozorov D.

Improvement of noise immunity level for digital on-air video broadcasting systems
Popov A.S., Kuryachiy M.I., Kapustin V.V.

Increase of time-and-frequency synchronization accuracy in communication systems with orthogonal subcarriers
Sladkikh V.A., Tokarev A.B.

Increasing the accuracy of frequency shift estimation for OFDM communication systems
Rogozhnikov E.V.

Influence Of The Echo Shapes On The Result Of Tomographic Image
Sorokin P.V. , Soldatov A.A., Soldatova M.A. , Shulgina U.V. , Abouellail A.A.

Information Security Risk Assessment and Management Method in Computer Networks
Anikin I.V.

Instrument for measurement of transfer function voltage dividers
Baranov P.F., Tsimbalist E.I., Baranova V.E.

Investigation of the influence of frequency stability over temperature on the probability collisions in low-speed asynchronous radio system without feedback
Puzyrev P.I., Zavyalov S.A. , Kosykh A.V., Gluhih D.V.

Laser monitor for remote object visualization
Fedorov K.V. , Trigub M.V. , Evtushenko G.S.

Locality-aware Bootstrapping Algorithm in Integrated Multifunctional P2P Owerlay Network
Balyberdin D. , Luppov A.

Mapping Neural Network Computations onto Memristor Crossbar
Tarkov M.S.

Mathematical model to describe the inter-structural relationship between different systems
Sorokin A.A. , Dmitriev V.N., Ahmat Y.

Matrix Multiplication Based on Dynamic Distributed Arithmetic
Lesnikov V. , Naumovich T. , Chastikov A.

Measurement of wireless MIMO channel paameters at 2.3 GHz
Kalachikov A. A., Shelkunov N.S.

Method for estimating confidence intervals of the probabilitypositive results in experiments
V. L. Khazan, C. D. Sorokin, G. V. Svistunov

Method of correlation-extreme parameter estimation of acoustic echoes in telecommunication audio exchange systems.
Kropotov Y.A., Belov A.A.

Modal optimization of AVR for synchronous generator using the finite gradient
Armeev D.V., Chekhonadskikh A.V., Voevoda A.A.

Modeling of noise properties of the signals former based on direct digital frequency synthesizer with autocompensating phase noise
Vasilyev G.S., Kurilov I.A., Kuzichkin O.R., Surzhik D.I., Kharchuk S.M.

Modeling the noise properties of hybrid frequency synthesizers with automatic compensation of phase noise of DDS
Surzhik D.I., Kurilov I.A., Kuzichkin O.R., Vasilyev G.S., Kharchuk S.M.

Modelling and comparing of phase noise curves of hybrid synthesizers
Romashov V.V., Yakimenko K.A.

Rotational Motion of a Nanosatellite Using Onboard Electromagnetic Coils after Collision with a Solid High-Speed Particle
Lyubimov V.V., Osipov A.A., Semkin N.D.

Moving object area identification in image sequence
Tashlinskii A. Smirnov P.

Multirate wideband communication channel
Krukov Y. V. Rogozhnikov E. V. Shibelgut A. A.

Noise-robust speech signals processing for the voice control system based on the complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition
Alimuradov A.K., Churakov P.P.

Noises of passive fiber-optic network components
Kiesewetter D.

Nonparametric method of a confidential estimation of a probability density
Lapko A.V. Lapko V.A.

Novel link adaptation algorithm for multichannel wireless systems with datastream repetition
Chickrin D.E. , Kokunin P.A.

N-version Design of Fault-Tolerant Control Software for Communications Satellite System
Kulyagin V.A. , Tsarev R.Yu. Prokopenko A.V. , Nikiforov A.Yu. Kovalev I.V.

On the use of mutual information in image parameters’ estimation
Voronov S., Voronov I. Tashlinskiy A.

Optimization of parameters of two-dimensional filters of increase of clearness of television images on contrastly to frequency characteristics
Malanin M.Yu. Kamenskiq A. V. Kuryachiy M.I.

Over-the-Horizon Link Based on High-Frequency Pulsed CuBr Laser
Gubarev F.A., Li L., Degtyarev A.E., Shiyanov D.V., Klenovskii M.S.

Peculiarities of RF propagation predicting in the northern latitudes
Liashuk A.N., Zavyalov S.A. , Molodtsov A.S.

Performance Evaluation of Multi-Service Network with Adaptive Routing and under the Influence of Blocked Calls Retrials
Meikshan V.I., Korchagin V.P.

Phase ambiguity resolution in the GLONASS/GPS navigation equipment, equipped with antenna arrays
Fateev Yu.L. , Dmitriev D.D., Tyapkin V.N. , Kremez N.S., Bondarev V.N.

Policy-based QoS Management Model for Multiservice Networks
Lemeshko O.V. , Garkusha S.V., Yeremenko O.S. , Hailan A.M.

Prediction of Quality of Discrete Message Transmission via Ionospheric Radiolinks Based on Channel Simulation Model
Barabashov B.G., Pelevin O.Yu., Anishin M.M.

Priority Retransmission in AL-ARQ for MPEG Streaming over WLAN
Abilov A., Chunaev A., Vasiliev D.

Privacy-preserving clustering using C-means
Vashkevich A.V., Zhukov V.G.

Probabilistic algorithm for determining bit multipliers in the problem of factoring integers
Ogorodnikov Y.Y.

Realization Problems of Cryptographic Transformations by Transfer of Modular Data In Security Systems
Chervyakov N.I., Babenko M.G., Nazarov A.S., Garianina A.I.

Reducing Losses in Distribution Transformer Using 2605SA1 Amorphous Core Based on Time Stepping Finite Element Method
Najafi A., Iskender I.

Relaying Algorithms with ARQ in Flying Ad hoc Networks
Vasiliev D.S., Abilov A.

Representation frequency transforms by matrix direct sum
Shoberg A.

Research of deformation of a range of formants when forcing the speech
Ivanov A.V., Trushin V.A.,Markelova G.V., Reva I.L.

Research of Influence of the Optical Fibers Strain Degree on the Brillouin Backscattering Characteristics
Bogachkov I.V.

Segmentation Of Measurement Data For Improvement Of Compression Efficiency
Chye En Un, Fedyaev A.U., Levenets A.V.

Simple Algorithm Of The Narrow-Band Radio Signal Digital Processing And Devices Implementing This Algorithm
Glushkov A.N., Khohlov N.S.

Structural descriptions framework of onboard repeaters schemas
Savenko I.I., Sukhodoev M.S., Tsapko S.G., Simonov P.K.

Suppression of acoustic echo signals by methods of adaptive compensation in environments with multibeam distribution and multiple reflection
Kozlov N.P., Proskuryakov A.Y., Yermolaev V.A.

Technology of separate formation of multidimensional data with lists of measure values
Zykin S. , Mosin S., Poluyanov A.

Telecommunications Hardware And Software Package
Soldatov A.V. , Popov A. S., Aldonin G. M.

Test of the Developed Voice Activity Detector Based on Use of Special Pilot Signal
Volchenkov V.A., Vityazev V.V.

The accuracy calculation control of reliability indices for equipment responsible appointment
Uglev V.A. Dobronets B.S. Popova O.A.

The compression procedure of the almost periodic signals
Panko S., Mishurov A.

The fuzzy-controller for WiMAX networks
Semenova O. , Semenov A. , Voznyak O. , Mostoviy D. , Dudatyev I.

The Influence of Surface Roughness of Bragg Reflector layers on Characteristics of Microwave Solidly Mounted Resonator
Tanskaya T.N. , Zima V.N. , Kozlov A.G.

The mathematical model of noise characteristics of a direct digital synthesizer with the built-in multiplier of clock frequency on PLL
Romashov V.V. , Romashova L.V. , Doctorov A.N.

The Method of Signal Processing of Relative Phase Modulation
Algazin E.I., Sapsalev A.V., Makarov D.V Kovalevskiy A.P.

The Modeling of the Brillouin Backscattering for Searching of Mechanical Strained Places in Optical Fibers
Bogachkov I.V., Maystrenko V.A.

The Performance of Multithreshold Decoder over Fading Channels
Zolotarev V.V., Ovechkin G.V., Shevlyakov D.A.

The possibility of transmitting information through a structure with high electrical conductivity
A.A. Shchitnikov, D.S. Kudinov

The research of a network traffic in a backbone internet channel
Porshnev S.V., Koposov A.S., Bozhalkin D.A.

The Research of Memristor-based Neural Network Components Operation Accuracy in Control and Communication Systems
Danilin S.N., Shchanikov S.A., Galushkin A.I.

The Synthesis of Compensation Circuits of Parasitic Capacitances of the Output Circuit of Classical Broadband Amplifiers of Signal and Telecommunications Systems
Prokopenko N.N. , Butyrlagin N.V.,Pakhomov I.V. Gaiduk A.R.

The Technique of Determination of Fiber-Optical Lines Availability and Maintenance Intervals
Lutchenko S.S., Bogachkov I.V., Kopytov E.Y.

The use of GNSS technologies for high-precision navigation geostationary spacecraft
Fateev Yu.L. , Dmitriev D.D. , Tyapkin V.N. , Kremez N.S., Ratushnyak V.N.

Transport system of digital signal data hybrid network
Sintsov A. , Luppov A., Fufachev A. , Marenkov D.

Use of Spatial Division Scheme in ultiple Description Coding Algorithm for Multipoint Videoconferencing
Tarakanov A. Gushchina O.

Usecorrelation approach for an authentic assessment of efficiency of noises
Ivanov A.V., Trushin V.A., Beresneva A.V., RevaI.L.

Using hierarchical temporal memory for document ranking system identification
Kozhushko O.A., Tarkov M.S.

UWB-RoF Optical Signal Relevant to State Committee on Radio Frequency Spectral Mask and Its Chirping Task
Vinogradova I.L., Sultanov A.Kh., Meshkov I.K., Andrianova A.V., Abdrakhmanova G.I., Grakhova E.P.

Wireless MIMO channel propagation parameters measured at 5.2 GHz
Kalachikov A. A., Bashkatov I. V.

Анализ точности алгоритма идентификации сигналов и помех
Кротова Е.И.

Исследование границ частотного уплотнения сигналов N-OFDM на основе преобразования Хартли
Майстренко В.А., Майстренко В.В.

Исследование и моделирование нелинейных искажений ВЧ усилителя мощности
Кащенко И.Е., Дощанов Е.Х.

Обзорная статья, посвященная системам спутниковой связи и краткому анализу расчета энергетики несанкционированных радиосигналов на борту типового космического аппарата-ретранслятора
Алексеев Р.А., Кузовников А.В., Головков В.В.

Сейсмический канал аварийной связи для передачи информации между шахтной выработкой и поверхностью Земли
Шайдуров Г. Я., Кохонькова Е. А.

Cингулярный метод измерения мгновенной частоты основного тона речевого сигнала
Вольф Д.А., Мещеряков Р.В.

Section 2. Radiophysics


Analysis of ferromagnetic structures fast-acting at influence of electromagnetic fields of various intensity
Bezuglov D.A., Sinyavsky G.P., Cherckesova L.V., Shalamov G.N., Zaichenko A.N.

Comparison of the Signal Level Calculation Results Using Numerical Solution of Parabolic Equation with Experimental Data for the Transhorizon Paths
Zakharov F.N. , Akulinichev Yu.P. , Anikin A.S. , Krutikov M.V.

Dielectric model of a mineral arctic soil thawed and frozen at 0.05-15 GHz
Mironov V.L., Molostov I.P. , Scherbinin V.V.

Dynamic Chaos in a Josephson Junction with an Anharmonic Current-Phase Relation
Sergeyev D., Barmina A.

Effects of Organo-Mineral Structure of Arctic Topsoil on the Own Thermal Radiation in the L-band
Muzalevskiy K.V.

Electromagnetic response from composite radiomaterials based on multiwall carbon nanotubes at microwave frequencies*
Kuleshov G.?. Zhuravlyova Y.V. , Dotsenko O.A.

NVIDIA CUDA Technology Application to Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Pulse Scattering by Dual Layered Structure
Rykshin A.Yu., Scherbinin V.V. ,Molostov I.P.

Some results of experimental work on the method of induced polarization using natural electromagnetic and seismic fields of the Earth
V. S. Potylitsyn, G. Y. Shaydurov, D. S. Kudinov

Statistical Analysis of Fast Fluctuating Random Signals with Arbitrary-Function Envelope under Breach of Consistency of Discontinuous Information Parameter Estimate
Chernoyarov O.V. , Lysina E.A. Marcokova M. Dachian S.

Study of Phase Non-reciprocity of Meteor Burst Channel
Karpov A. V. , Sulimov A. I. , Tereshin S. N.

Synergetic Approach to Investigation of the Nonlinear Parametrical Zonal Systems Working in Higher Zones of Oscillations Instability
Bezuglov D.A., Sinyavsky G.P., Cherckesova L.V., Manaenkova O.N.

Temperature Dependent Dielectric Model at 1.4 GHz for an Agricultural Soil Thawed and Frozen
Mironov V. L., Karavaysky A. Yu.

Three-deminshional ultrasound tomography using multi-angle bistatic sounding
Sukhanov D.Ya., Erzakova N.N.

Verification of timed Finite State Machines
Kidyarova G. , Yevtushenko N.

Wavelet Transform Modeling of a Short Electromagnetic Pulse Scattering by Multilayered Structure
Rykshin A.Yu.

Анализ быстродействия ферромагнитных структур при воздействии электромагнитных полей различной интенсивности
Безуглов Д.А., Синявский Г.П., Черкесова Л.В., Шаламов Г.Н., Заиченко А.Н.

Моделирование СВЧ диагностики контрастных неоднородностей в средах с использованием эванесцентных полей систем излучателей
Беличенко В.П., Запасной А.С., Шестаков П.В.

Синергетический подход к исследованию нелинейных параметрических зонных систем, работающих в высших зонах неустойчивости колебаний
Безуглов Д.А., Черкесова Л.В., Синявский Г.П., Манаенкова О.Н.

Section 3. Radar, Microwaves, and Antennas

A Fully Integrated 6-bit Vector-Sum Phase Shifter in 0.18 um CMOS
Balashov E.V. , Rumyancev I.A.

A Stochastic Model Of A Received Underwater Acoustic Signal In Shallow Water
Burdinskiy I. N., Karabanov I. V., Linnik M. A., Mironov A. S.

A Test Equipment for the Navigation Receivers of Space Vehicles
Savin A.A. , Krat N.M.

Algorithm of an aircraft roll angle measurement using phase polarization information of signals illuminated by the radio beacon
Gulko V.L., Mescheryakov A.A.

An algorithm for detection of radio pulses received by spatially distributed sensors
Voronov S., Smirnov P., Mukhometzyanov R., Toporkov N.

An algorithm for time shift estimation of radio pulses received by spatially distributed sensors
Tashlinskiy A. Tsarev M.

Analysis of influence of uncorrelated additive non-Gaussian noise on accuracy of motion parameters measurement in short-range radio systems
Artyushenko V.M., Volovach V.I., Shakurskiy M.V.

Characteristics of the Fiber-Optic Communication Links' Components used in Ultrawideband Photonic Beamformers
Ivanov S.I., Lavrov A.P., Saenko I.I.

Coherent summation of radiation of two X-band nanosecond Gunn oscillators synchronized by a modulating pulse
Konev V.Yu. , Klimov A.I.

Correcting Non-Indentity In Receiving Channels In Interference-Immune Systems For GLONASS and GPS
Tyapkin V.N. , Kartsan I.N. , Dmitriev D.D. , Goncharov A.E.

Correction phase distortion of the probing signals in a geodynamic prediction
Kuzichkin O.R., Dorofeev N.V.

Design of the Directional Coupler Based on Offset Coupled Striplines
Podlinnov S.A., Popkov A.Yu. , Fateev A.V.

Design of the pHEMT GaAs MIC L-band on-off switch and low-noise amplifier for autonomous spacecraft radionavigation equipment
Shkolniy V.N., Kondratenko A.V., Shishkin D.A., Suntsov S.B., AlekseevK.A., Karaban V.M.

Detection of moving extended object based on fractional brownian motion model
Parshin A., Parshin Yu.

Features reception and processing of radio thermal signals
Yurkov N.K., Buharov A.E., Goryachev N.V.

Good choice of transit vessel route using Dempster-Shafer Theory
Neumann T.

Implementation of Superresolution Techniques Based on Polarization Properties of a Signal
V. Bakeev, D. Luchin, A. Markov, Y. Rautkin

Interference Cancelling Responses For Various Configurations Of Antenna Arrays For Angular Measuring Navigation Equipment
Tyapkin V.N., Kartsan I.N. , Dmitriev D.D. , Goncharov A.E.

Investigation Of Stability Performance Microwave Modules In Series Production
Derachits D.S., Kisel N.N., Grishchenko S.G.

LC-filter Simulation Using Multi-resonance Models of Components at Frequency Range up to 40 GHz
Kalimulin I., Zabolotsky A. , Gazizov T.

Linear dependences of secondary field parameters versus angular velocity of scatterer
Zeyde K.M.

Measuring radar cross-section of complex-shaped objects using the Doppler shift
Ivanov S.I., Kyrnyshev A.M. , Lavrov A.P.

Measuring Soil Temperature and Moisture of Arctic Tundra Based on SMOS and ALOS PALSAR data
Mironov V.L., Muzalevskiy K.V., Shvaleva A.

Measuring Temperature Profile Using Multi-Frequency Microwave Radiometric Observation-Theretical Modeling
Muzalevskiy K.V., Ruzicka Z.

Modifications of Planar Leaky Wave Antenna Arrays
Nechaev Yu. B. , Borisov D. N., Klimov A. I., Eroshenko D.A.

Modified Rauch RC-Filter with Compensation of the Influence of Gain-Bandwidth Product of Op Amp
Budyakov P.S., Pakhomov I.V. Krutchinsky S.G.

New Antenna Design for GNSS Application
Shepov V.N. , Vladimirov V.M. , Markov V.V.

New fields of application of antenna arrays
Bolotina I.O. , Shtaynbreher A.A. , Bulavinov A.N.

Nonlinear spatio-temporal intermodulation interference cancellation in active antenna array using evaluation-correlation-compensation approach
Kolesnikov S.V.

Non-recurrent Signal Parameter Estimation and Optimization of Spatial Structure Based on Sequential Samples
Gusev S.I., Parshin Yu.N.

Numerical Study of Chaotic Dynamics of Avalanche Transit Time Microwave Oscillator
Demyanenko A ,Semernik I , Orda-Zhigulina M .

Performance Study of Beamspace Processing DOA Estimation by MUSIC and Capon Methods
Nechaev Yu., Peshkov I.

Problems of implementation of ground biorthogonal and triorthogonal antenna systems
D. Luchin, A. Plotnikov, A. Trofimov, D. Filippov

Processing of phase-shift keyed pseudo noise signals of underwater acoustic systems with the Doppler effect
Burdinskiy I. N., Karabanov I. V., Linnik M. A., Mironov A. S.

Pulse Decomposition in the Turn of Meander Line as a New Concept of Protection against UWB Pulses
Surovtsev R., Gazizov T. , Zabolotsky A.

Radio Waves Attenuation Model for a Ray Approximation
Asotov D.V. , Matveev B.V. , Chernoyarov O.V., Lysina E.A.

Radiotomographic measurements using detector and tunable microvawe generator
Sukhanov D.Ya., Zavyalova K.V.

Research mode dual-band antenna splitter dual-channel microwave radiometric system with compensation of background noise
Fedoseeva E., Rostokin I., Fedoseev A.

Sampling influence on navigation signal parameters estimation research
Sharshavin P.V. , Kondratiev A.S. , Hazagarov Yu.G. , Grebennikov A.V.

Search Algorithm Of Quasi-Periodic Spread Spectrum Signal Propagation Delay
Bondarenko V.N., Garifullin V.F., Krasnov T.V.

Self-Mediator Software for Sensor Networks
Ivaschenko A., Minaev A., Spodobaev M.

Simulation of Dummy Load for L S Band High Power Microwave Calorimeter
Kabdymanova G. N. , Kozhevnikov V. Yu. , KlimovA. I. , KozyrevA. V.

Spatial Filtering Algorithms In Adaptive Multi-Beam Hybrid Reflector Antennas
Tyapkin V.N. , Kartsan I.N. , Dmitriev D.D. , Goncharov A.E.

Spatial Structure Optimization for a Signal Source Tracking System under Influence of Interfering Signals
Parshin Yu.N., Alexandrov P.A.

Study of the characteristics of slot stripline antennas of high accuracy GLONASS/GPS positioning upon radiator miniaturization
Shepov V.N. , Vladimirov V.M. , Markov V.V.

Study of the polarimetric properties of a microwave a radiometric system for atmospheric sounding with background noise compensation
Fedoseeva E. , Rostokin I., Shchukin G.

The analysis of scattering electromagnetic waves with use of paraller computing
Lvovich I.Ya., Preobrazhenskiy A.P., Choporov O.N., Kaydakova K.V.

The Comparative Analysis of the Noise Curves of the Signal Shapers based on Direct Digital Synthesizer
Romashov V.V., Khramov K.K.

The Constructing Of Nomograms For Approximate Value Limited Achieveming Absorber Reflection Levels Based On Resistive Stripes
Derachits D.S. , Kisel , Cheremisov V.A.

The echo-impulse position detection by the dual-frequency sensing method
Shulgina Y.V., Soldatov A.A., Shulgin E.M., Kudryashova A.V.

The Effect of Wall's Surface Impedance on the Electric Waves in a Circular Waveguide
Scherbinin V.V. , Anikin D.D.

The LIDAR Technology and Earth remote sensing for small space vehicles
O. Nepomnyashcy, E. Veicov, V. Kopilov, V. Khabarov, D. Popov

The single-frequency algorithm of determining ionospheric GNSS signal
Kurnosov A.S.

UWB Pulse Decomposition in Asymmetrical Modal Filter with Different Boundary Conditions
Gazizov A.T., Zabolotsky A.M.

Vector Network Analyzer Verification Algorithms Using Model with Local Spectrally Selective Components
Savin A.A.

Volume Density of Inductance for Planar Homogeneous Current Sheet at SHF
Sapogin V.G. , Prokopenko N.N.

Way of measurement of parameters of vibrations of mirror antennas
Grigor'ev A.V., Goryachev N.V., Yurkov N.K.

Wideband signal transformation in radar pulse strobing scheme
Zakharchenko V.

Comparative Analysis Of MSK-Signal Reception Methods
Kuzmin E.V.

Statistical Analysis of the Adaptive Antenna Array Power Pattern
Erokhin A.A., Salomatov Yu.P.

Implementation Of Antenna Near-Field Scanning Without Using Probe Position Sensors
Ivanov A.S., Lemberg K.V., Polenga S.V., Krylov R.M, Salomatov Y.P.

Millimeter-Wave Waveguide Reflectarray
Polenga S.V., Stankovsky A.V., Krylov R.M., Nemshon A.D., Litinskaya Y.A., Salomatov Yu.P.

Directivity of Scanning Circular Ring Antenna
Panko V.S., Salomatov Yu.P., Sigak M.I.

High Gain Substrate Integrated Waveguide Slot Antenna Array
Lemberg K.V., Nazarov O.A., Panko V.S., Salomatov Y.P.

Mobile Unit for Wooden Supports Microwave Vacuum Drying and Impregnation
Panko V.S., Salomatov Y.P., Shatohin S.S.

IBIS Models Based on Experimental Data
Levitskiy A.A., Dmitriev S.N.

Высокоизбирательные фильтры для систем цифрового телевещания
Разинкин В.П., Адрианов М.К., Вихорев А.Г., Гойчук В.М.

Модификации плоских антенных решеток вытекающей волны
Нечаев Ю.Б., Борисов Д.Н., Климов А.И., Ерошенко Д.А.

Новые области применения антенных решеток
Штайнбрехер А.А. Болотина И.О. Булавинов А.Н.

Section 4. Control of the Large-Scale Systems

A method of creation of the neural network regulator for one-dimensional management of technical object
Emaletdinova L.U. Kabirova A.N.

A Novel Parameter Estimation Technique for Software Defined Radio System Based on Broadband Multi-port Receiver
L'vov A.A., Geranin R.V., Semezhev N., Solopekina A.A., L'vov P.A.

A program cycle transformation with using of a symbolic notation
Romannikov D.O. Voevoda A.A.

A Quantitative Measure for Information Transfer in Human-Machine Control Systems
Bakaev M., Avdeenko T.

Active Parametric Identification of Stochastic Linear Continuous-Discrete System Based on Experiment Design
Chubich V.M. , Chernikova O.S., Beriket E.A.

Adaptive systems based on competitive quality criteria
Zhmud V. Dimitrov L.

Algebraic Design Method Of Low Order Control Systems
Chekhonadskikh A.V., Voevoda A.A.

Algorithms for automatic setting membership functions of fuzzy sets
Titov A. Klypin N. Bychkov E. D.

An Algebraic Approach to Implementation of Generalized Polynomial Filters
Shcherbakov M. A. , Krevchik V.D. , Sazonov V.V.

An automated charge-discharge unit for electrical tests of individual high capacity lithium-ion battery cells
Fedchenko A.S. , Kopylov E.A. , Lobanov D.K.

Analysis of the Two-chamber Shock-absorption System of Landing Gear Based on Hybrid Methodology
Tomilov I.N. Dostovalov D.N. , Klokova E.A.

Approximate analytical solution of free motion equations of quadratically-cubic control objects
Shopin S.A. , Lovchakov V.I.

Automatic translation UML activity diagrams to Petri net
Markov A.V., Romannikov D.O., Voevoda A.A.

Cascade method of realization of heavy-tailed distributions in data network modelling
Zadorozhnyi V. N.

Cognitive model of management in business
V.A. Marenko, O.N. Luchko, M.I. Maltseva

Combined Adaptive Control System for Nonlinear Periodic Action Plant
Eremin E.L. , Chepak L.V. , Shelenok E.A.

Concept of acoustic emission multifunctional information and measuring systems series "EMIS"
Ovcharuk V. N.

Decision support system of transition IT-applications in the cloud enviroment Model evaluation of the effectiveness of cloud technologies
Razumnikov S.V. Kremneva M.S.

Design and Modelling in Optimization of Human-machine Systems Functioning
Grif M.G., Geniatulina E.V., Ganelina N.D.

Designing of Complete Multi-Channel PD-Regulators by Numerical Optimization with Simulation
Zhmud V. Dimitrov L.

Determining the Probability of Event Influence on the Risk Assessment of Appearance of Acts of Illegal Interference in an Airline
Sakrutina E.

Data-Driven Method for Fault Isolation in Technical Systems
A. Zhirabok, S. Pavlov

Formal And Conceptual Definitions Of The Hybrid Model Of Distributed Computings In Networks
Dubravin A.V. Paschenko D.V.

Hu's Algorithm Application for Task Scheduling in N-Version Software for Satellite Communications Control Systems
Chernigovskiy A.S. , Tsarev R.Yu. Knyazkov A.N.

Hybrid approach to the management by feedback when working with automated educational systems
Uglev V.A. Filimonov V.A.Mishkina N.Yu.

Identification Discrete Fractional Order Hammerstein Systems
Ivanov D.V.

Management of production processes with parallel cell structure on the basis of the quantization
Dogadina E.P.

Mathematical model of desublimator of uranium hexafluoride producing
Nikolaev A.V., Krinitsyn N.S., Dyadik V.F.

Mechanisms for solving the problem of assessing the state of linear objects of pipeline networks in conditions of uncertainty
Golubeva A.A., Gritsenko Y.B.

Modelling of situational management of the configuration of channels of transfer and data processing in the network of radio beacons of system of navigation
Klevtsov S.I., Petrov N.S.

New method to control color intensity for antialiasing
Romanyuk S.O, Pavlov S.V, Melnyk O.V.

On Applying Neural Tuner To Pi-Controller Parameters Calculation For Heating Furnaces Control
Eremenko Y.I., Poleshchenko D.A., Glushchenko A.I.

Parameters Estimation with Fischer Information Matrix on the Example of the Control System of the Inverted Pendulum
Troshina G. Voevoda A.

Particle Swarm Optimization with Velocity Restriction and Evolutionary Parameters Selection for Scheduling Problem
Matrenin P.V. , Sekaev V.G.

Performance Evaluation of Reliability Growth of APCS Protection Functions at Potentially Hazardous Production
Abramov D.G., Kodolov A.V., Litvinov A.V., Popov F.A.

Robust Control of Multi-Connected Nonlinear System
Eremin E.L., Chepak L.V. , Shelenok E.A.

Self-Mediator Software for Sensor Networks
Ivaschenko A. Minaev A. Spodobaev M.

Separation of the complex task of planning streaming multiprocessors into several simpler warp schedulers
Vyatkin S.I., Romanyuk S.O.

Specificities of the Design of Input Signals for Models Gaussian Linear Systems
Chubich V.M. , Chernikova O.S. , Beriket E.A.

Stand for scaled-down simulation for synthesis and testing the control systems of unmanned aerial vehicles
Emaletdinova L.Y. Matveev I.V.

Statistical Approach to Calculation of Number of Network Motifs
Yudin E. B. , Zadorozhnyi V. N.

Synthesis of Double Inverted Pendulum on the Cart System on the Sliding Modes Method Basis
Sablina G.V. , Stazhilov I.V. , Sazhin A.I.

Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems Structure Identification Based on Piecewise Linear Initialization
Hodashinsky I.A., Sarin K.S., Zykov D.D.

The Automation System in Significant Variations of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Shagiev R.I. , Karpov A.V. , Kalabanov S.A.

The design of the Control System for Object with Delay and Interval-Given Parameters
Zhmud V. Zavorin A.

The linear concept of logical synthesis of digital IP-modules of control and communication systems
Prokopenko N.N., Butyrlagin N.V. Chernov N.I. , Yugai V.Ya.

The Methodology of Software Quality Assurance for Safety-Critical System
Jharko E.Ph.

The Ontology Based Approach to Support the Completeness and Consistency of the Requirements Specification
Avdeenko T. , Pustovalova N.

Training neurocolorimeter at the stages of design, production and operation
Solovev V.A., Morozova M.N.

Using logical formulas for caching uniform RDB queries
Mosin S.V. , Zykin S.V.

Using the Localization Method for Once-through Boiler Control
Suvorov D.A. , Frantsuzova G.A. Zemtsov N.S.

Variable Structure Control System with Parameter Disturbance Compensation
Tutov I. Pyakillya B.

Web-Application For Real-Time Big Data Visualization Of Complex Physical Experiments
Korovin A.S. Skirnevskij I.P. Abdrashitova M.O.

Section 5. Control of the Electro-Mechanical Systems

About using the Frequency-Controlled Electric Drives with Supercapacitors in the Hoisting Applications
Plotnikov Iu. , Braslavsky I. , Ishmatov Z., Polunin F.

Active – adaptive Control System Development of Electric Power Quality Assurance Device
Dolinger S.Y., Lyutarevich A.G. Plankov A.A.

Algorithm of No-Pull Control in the Continuous Mill Train
Khramshin V.R., Evdokimov S.A., Karandaev А.S., Andryushin I.Yu., Shubin A.G.

Algorithms of fault tolerant control of induction motor electric drive in phase loss operate mode
Odnokopylov G.I., Bragin A.D.

Application of integral equations for the analysis of electrodynamic and thermal processes in the electric drive
Borodin M.Yu. , Borodin E.M., Metelkov V.P. , Molchanov P.V.

Automatic Gap Control of Plan View Pattern Control Mechatronics System
Radionov A.A., Gasiyarov V.R., Gasiyarova O.A.

Basic approaches to the implementation of Petersen Coil control system
Dolinger S.Y., Lyutarevich A.G. Osipov D.S.

Braking Energy Recovery in Variable-Frequency Electric Drives
N. Ladygin

Bifurcation Behavior in Multi-Parallel Interleave Buck Converter
G. Mikhalchenko, S. Mikhalchenko

Comparative Analysis of Gravity Compensation Systems for Ground Tests of Deployable Solar Arrays
Shpyakin I.K. , Malyshenko A.M.

Control of Sucker Rod Pumps Energy Consumption
Khakimyanov M.I. Khusainov F.F.

Control System of Electric Drive for Oxygen Converter Lance
Lukyanov S.I., Mescheryakov A.Yu., Shvidchenko D.V., Krasilnikov S.S.

Control system with sinusoidal PWM three-phase inverter with a frequency scalar control of induction motor
Dementyev Y.N., Bragin A.D., Kojain N.V., Udut L.S.

Design principles and implementation of advanced simulators for training astronauts to work in zero or low gravity conditions
G.Ya. Pyatibratov, O.A. Kravchenko, A.M. Kivo, A.B. Bekin

Designing and Testing a System of Controlling a Switched Reluctance Motor with Ceramic Insulation, Using No Pickups
Beketov A.R., Denisenko V.I., Lukonin D.A., Shaikhiev A.R., Sanin V.K.

Determination of the angular position of the rotor of a synchronous motor by connecting a high-frequency signal in the excitation winding
Baskov S.N., Litsin K.V.

Determining the Complete Fault Tolerance of a Control System With a Artificial Neural Network Architecture
Makarov M.V.

Development and Research of Switching Performance of High Voltage Gas Insulated Disconnecting Switch
Chernoskutov D.

Development of Algorithms of Rapid Charging for Batteries of Hybrid and Electric Drives of City Freight and Passenger Automobile Transportation Vehicles
Keller A.V. , Korobatov D.V. , Solomin E.V. , Topolskiy D.V. , Topolskaya I.G.

Development of control algorithms in Matlab/Simulink
Martyanov A. , Solomin E.

Developing a system of variable-frequency vector control based on current inverter with a relay voltage regulator in an AC electric drive
V.N. Meshcheryakov, V.N. Voekov

Diagnostic system for OHL state assessment
Khalyasmaa A.I. Bliznyuk D.I. Romanov A.M.

Discrete Hall Sensor Based Vector Control Algorithm of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Korobatov D.V., Kulmukhametova A.S.

Dynamic Model Exact Tracking Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Rassudov L.N., .Balkovoi A.P

Electrical consumption mode control of an industrial plant’s electric power system with distributed generation
Shkliarskii I. Tsinkovich O.

Electromagnetic Compatibility of High Power STATCOM in Asymmetrical Conditions
KhramshinT.R., Abdulveleev I.R., Kornilov G.P., KrubcovD.S.

Electromagnetic-Acoustic Sensor of the Rod Cross Section Ellipticity
O.V. Muravieva, V.V. Muraviev, K.V. Petrov, M.A. Gabbasova

Electromechanical Complex for Test of Power Transmission of Helicopters
O. Osipov, A. Nazhivin

Electromechanical vibration generators for autonomous low energy electronic systems
Sattarov R.R., Babikova N.L.

Estimating the instantaneous valuesof the state parameters during electromechanical transients
Berdin A.S., Bliznyuk D.I., Kovalenko P.Y.

Fault-tolerant control of switched-reluctance drive in emergency modes
G.I. Odnokopylov, I.A. Rozayev

Frequency control of asynchronous electric drives in transport
Kodkin V.L., Anikin A.S.

IICT-bot: educational robotic platform using omni-directional wheels with open source code and architecture
Islamgozhayev T.U., Mazhitov Sh.S., Zholmyrzayev A.K., Toishybek E.T.

Improvement of characteristics of measuring converters of current
Solovev D.B. Shadrin A.S.

Improving the efficiency of space-vector control of the inverter by the angular differentiation of coordinate space
Vasilev B.

Information coding procedure in defining geometric models of robots` executive mechanisms
Pritykin F. N. Osadchy A. J.

Inspection methods of load-recording device "Gamma-500"
Rogovyh A.V., Natalinova N.M. , Spiridonova A.S. , Gordynets A.S.

Integration of Adaptive Digital Combined Current and Voltage Transformer into Digital Substation Ethernet Grid
E.V. Solomin, D.V. Topolskiy, N.D. Topolskiy

Intelligent Power System on the Base of Active-Adaptive Control and Interaction Between Elements
Abramovich B.N. , Sychev Yu.A. , Belsky A.A.

Issues Of Control Transformer With Short-Circuited Secondary Winding
Litovec A.V., Serikov A.V., Susdorf V.I.

Iterative Method of Measurement with a Given Accuracy for Angular Velocity Errors
Bubnov A. V. , Emashov V. A. , Chudinov A. N.

Load balancing of two-motor asynchronous electric drive
Ivan G. Odnokopylov, Yuri N. Dementev, Ivan V. Usachev, Danil Yu. Lyapunov, Alexandr S. Petrusev

Management in parameters of electromechanical converters in heatsupplying systems of megalopolises
A.B. Kritsky, Y.N. Dementyev

Methodic of Calculation of the Non-Sinusoidal Voltage Index within Electrical Networks with High-Voltage Frequency Convertors
Khramshin V.R., Khramshin R.R Karandaev A.S., Medvedev V.N.

New Control Method of Back to Back Converter
A.A. Radionov, A.S. Maklakov, E.A. Karyakina

Observer of rotor speed and flux is developed for the vector control system of induction motor
Kolomiyets E.A., Chernyshyov A.Yu.

Obtaining manipulators kinematic models from its formalised description
Yakovlev A. Malyshenko A.

Operating regimes analysis of asinchronous wind generator coupled with active harmonic filter
Pinegin A.A., Kostin V.N., Belsky A.A.

Optimization of the Division Operation for Real-time Control Systems
Anuchin A., Kozachenko V., Kulmanov V., Shpak D.

Optimizing the Control Principle of Asynchronous Electric Drives with a Phase-Wound Rotor Based on Simulation of Its Dynamic Operational Modes
Malgin G.V. , Rovkin V.D.

Processing control on the basis of kinematic characteristics of the equipment operation modelling
Kuzmin A.V., Ardeev A.Yu., Thychkov A.Yu., Artemov I.I.

Provision of mode overmodulation and improving efficiency of energy transduction in the semiconductor converter
Vasilev B.

Research of Cold Rate of Rise of Dielectric Strength of SF6 Circuit Breaker
Chernoskutov D.

Research of Shunt Reactor Switching Phenomena in SF6 Circuit Breaker
Chernoskutov D.

Selecting parameters of power circuit of electric power quality assurance device
Dolinger S.Y., Lyutarevich A.G. Osipov D.S

Simulation of Electrical Loads in Problems of Arc Extinguish Reactor Controlling
Girshin S.S., Gorjunov V.N., Bigun A.Ya., Petrova E.V.

Simulation of Power Converter Control System with Compensation of Harmonic Distortion in Output Voltage Waveform
Anuchin A., Kulmanov V., Belyakov Y.

Some New Representations of the Multilevel Inverter Voltage Space Vector in the Complex Plane
Lopatkin N.N.

Synchronous Generator Nonlinear Excitation System:Synergetic Sliding Mode Control
Kuz'menko A.A

Synthesis of robust automatic Control system of electromagnetic bearings
Lachin V.I. , Elsukov V.S. , Mustafa M.N.

System for Speed Mode Control of the Electric Drives of the Continuous Train of the Hot-Rolling Mill
Khramshin V.R., Evdokimov A.S., Kornilov G.P., Radionov A.A., Karandaev А.S.

Technological Requirements To The Drive of Horizontal Type Continuous Casting Machine Withdrawal-roll
Isaev D., Borovik A. , Osipov O.

The control system of a steady short-circuit current measurement using the expert estimation method
Zhantlesova A.B. , Issabekova B.B. , Nosovskii D.A.

The influence of the design method for induction motor with stationary rotor on identification of its parameters
Bolovin E.V.,Glazyrin A.S., Brendakov V.N.

The means of measuring the output coordinates for the three-phase asynchronous electric motor
Dementyev Yu.N., Umurzakova A.D.

The Method of Estimation of Adhesion at "Wheel–Railway" Contact Point
Radionov I.A. , Mushenko A.S.

The parameter identification of submersible mo-tors of electrical centrifugal pump units for oil production
A.Yu. Kovalev, Ye.M. Kuznetsov., V.V. Anikin

The study methods of increase efficiency algorithms pulse width modulation in AC electrical drives
Vasilev B.

The study of the electromagnetic field of the synchronous magnetoelectric generator
Tatevosyan A.A., Fokina V.V.

The theory of emergency management in terms of an inhomogeneous structure and parameters in electrical and electric power complexes
Ismagilov F.R., Shakhmaev I.Z., Gaisin B.M.

Torque Load Observer of Induction Motor with Double Squirrel-Cage of Rotor
O.A. Lysenko

Vector-Controlled Regulation of the Valve Electric Drive Rotation Speed
Kurnosov D.A.

Voltage converter with the controlled energy balance for the electric drive with the pulsation motion mode
Aristov A.V., Nagorniy V.O., Gavrilov A.M.

Wind-Diesel Hybrid System with flexible DC-bus voltage level
Belsky A.A. , Dobush V.S., Ivanchenko D.I.

К вопросу о необходимости использования инновационных решений в дифференциальной токовой защите
Соловьев Д.Б.

Обоснование рациональной конструкции и выбор электроприводов тренажеров для подготовки космонавтов к действиям в условиях пониженной гравитации
Бекин А.Б., Пятибратов Г.Я., Кравченко О.А., Богданов Д.Ю.

Построение и анализ бифуркационных диаграмм динамических процессов, протекающих в повышающем преобразователе напряжения
Михальченко С.Г. Русскин В.А.

The prestarting diagnostics for short circuits detecting in a load of asynchronous electric drives with the thyristor voltage regulator
Однокопылов И.Г., Ланграф С.В., Краснов И.Ю., Тепляков В.В.

Система управления электроприводом фурмы кислородного конвертера
Лукьянов С.И., Мещеряков А.Ю., Швидченко Д.В., Красильников С.С.

Section 6. Nanotechnology

A new approach to improving the quality of measurements in multi-wave interference systems
Guzhov V.I., Ilinykh S.P., Kabak E.S., Rizhov P.S.

Annealing and investigation of copper oxide synthesized using coaxial magnetoplasma accelerator
Nikitin D.S. , Shanenkova Yu. Yu., Sivkov A. A., Ivashutenko A. A.

Changing the multilayer graphene properties after treatment in N-methylpyrrolidone
Ogonerov K.L., Kurkina I.I.

Effect in GaAs Produced by fast Neutrons and Protons
Soboleva E.G., Litvinenko V.V., Krit T.B.

Effect of two local phonon modes in wide-band matrix on 1D dissipative tunneling probability rate
M. B. Semenov, V. D. Krevchik, I.I. Artemov, R.V. Zaytsev, P.V. Krevchik, Egorov I.A.

Electronics applications based on thin polyaniline fillms
Salikhov T.R., Yumaguzin Y.M. , Salikhov R.B.

Investigation of supramolecular structures of irradiation-modified and filled polytetrafluoroeyhulene
Revina I.V.

Lasing efficiency in microlayers of active medium with agglomerated aluminum or silver nanoparticles
Zinovev M.M. , Trifonova A.V. , Zemlyanov Al.A. , Kharenkov V.A.

Nanoscale resistive Ni-Ti films obtained by magnetron sputtering
Vasil`ev V.A., Khoshev A.V.

Numerical Modeling of Silicon Processing Technology in CF4/H2 plasma
Gorobchuk A.

On the energy efficiency of coaxial plasma accelerator with graphite electrodes
Pak A. , Sivkov A. , Shanenkov I. , Shatrova K. , Nikitin D.

Optical formation of photonic waveguides and circuits in ferroelectric lithium niobate due to the contribution of pyroelectric effect
Shandarov V. , Perin A. Ryabchenok V.

Possible mechanisms of conductivity in the combined AFM / STM and growing quantum dots of colloidal gold
Krevchik V.D., Semenov M.B., Shcherbakov M.A. , Zaytsev R.V., Krevchik P.V. , Egorov I.A.

Prospects for the Use of Dynamic Discrete Breathers in Nanofibers Crystals Stoichiometry A3B With the Structure of L12
Zakharov P.V. , Medvedev N.N. , Starostenkov M.D., Eremin A.M.

Synthesis of nanosized silicon carbide in a free expiring plasma jet
Nikitin D. , Sivkov A. , Pak A. , Shanenkova Yu., Ivashutenko A.

The study of magnetic characteristics of amorphous alloys at various frequencies and ranges of magnetic flux
Tatevosyan A.A. Tatevosyan A.S.

Изменение свойств мультиграфена после обработки в N-метилпирролидоне
Огонеров К.Л. Куркина И. И.

Section 7. Semiconductor Materials, Sensors, and Electron Devices

A 14-bit 50-MS/s Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converter with Digital Error Calibration
Piatak I. , Pilipko M., Morozov D.

A comparison of terahertz electro-optic sampling in ZnTe, ZnSe, GaP and GaSe1-xSx crystals
Red'kin R. A. , Bereznaya S. A. , Korotchenko Z. V. , Sarkisov S.Yu.

A low-power ASIC containing 10 analog-to-digital converters and buffer memory
Bocharov Yu., Butuzov V.

A method of detecting the distorted areas of the electrocardiogram based on support vector machine
Bessmeltsev V., Katasonov D.

A new gas-analytical device concept via implementation of impedance spectroscopy
Fedorov F.S. , Varezhnikov A. S. , Kolesnichenko V. V. , Burmistrov I. N. , Gorokhovsky A. V. , Sysoev V. V.

A Square-law Microwave Transistor Detector for Wideband Radiometers
Ivanov S. I., Lavrov A. P. , Matveev Y. A.

Accuracy of Materialization of Printed Boards Coordinate System
Glukhov V.I., Pshenichnikova V.V., Penner V.A., Martemyanov D.B.

Application of laser module with driver based on avalanche S-diode for light-emitting diode structure characterization
Kopyev V.V. Prudaev I. A., Avdochenko B. I.

Calculation of the excess current and the pseudogap in high-temperature superconductors YBa2Cu3O6,85 and Bi1,6Pb0,4Sr1,8Ca2,2Cu3O10 by the Monte Carlo method
Sergeyev D. , Shunkeyev S., Aimaganbetova Z. , Shunkeyev K.

Conduction mechanism of metal-TiO2-Si structures
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Digital Intellectual Sensors for Gas Analysis System
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Digital Partial Discharge Detector
Nikitin K.I., Polyakov D. A., Golovkov R. A., Golubyatnikova N. O.

Digital temperature meter of polyethylene insulation
Polyakov D. A., Yurchuk D. A., Nikitin K. I.

Dynamics of response of In2O3-Ga2O3 gas sensors
Demin I.E., Kozlov A.G.

Evaluation of the lower limit of crystal oscillator noise through the resonator’s design parameters
Lepetaev A., Kosykh A., Fakhrutdinov R.

Factors having an influence on copper layer distribution on surface and vias of PCB
Varepo L.G., Trapeznikova O.V., Nagornova I.V.

Frequency Transducer of the Pressure on the Basis of Reactive Properties of Transistor Structure with Negative Resistance
Osadchuk A.V., Osadchuk I.A.

High Energy Effect in Li-Ti-Zn Ferrite Syntesis
Vlasov V.A., Lysenko E.N., Malyshev A.V.

High-speed device of measurement parameters of electropower objects
V.I.Lachin, K.Iu. Solomentcev, Q.U. Nguyen, A.L. Yufanova, I.G. Balaban

High Threshold Voltage p-Gate GaN Transistors
Erofeev, E.V. Kagadei V.A. Kazimirov A.I., Fedin I.V.

Improvement of magnetic system of the speed sensor in the devices of the impact parameters control
Zaharova N.V.

Influence of an initial chemical state of cation impurities on their diffusion in ionic crystals
Ghyngazov S.A. , Frangulyan T.S. , Chernyavskii A.V.

Magnetic Field to Frequency Converter that Uses Double Gate SOI FET Sensing Element
Leonov A.V., Malykh A.A., Mordkovich V.N., Pavlyuk M.I.

MEMS-based Non-orthogonal Redundant Inertial Measurement Unit for Miniature Navigation Systems
Marinushkin P.S., Podshivalov I.A.

Method for Non-Contact Measurement of Mechanical Oscillations Parameters by Means of Image Sensor
Budilov V.N., Volovach V.I., Shakurskiy M.V.

Method the Estimated Life of Electronic Devices for Control and Communication Systems
Zhadnov V.V.

Micropower High-Speed CMOS Operational Amplifier with the Circuit of Nonlinear Correction of the Input Stage
Pakhomov I.V., Butyrlagin N.V.

Model of the Spatial Conversion Characteristics for Graduation of the Microprocessor-Based Sensor’s with Indemnification of Influence Destabilizing Factors
Klevtsov S.I., Udod Y.V.

Modification of Fault Injection Method via On-Chip Debugging for Processor Cores of Systems-On-Chip
Chekmarev S.A., Khanov V.Kh., Antamoshkin O.A.

Multielectrode Low-invasive Planar Neurointerface
Ratushniak A.S., Prinz V.Ya.

Non-contact method of measuring oil quantity and quality in a pipeline
Kopteva A.V., Voytyuk I.N.

Nonlinear Phenomenons and Effects in Multiferroic Crystal at Influence of External Magnetic Fields
D.A. Bezuglov, G.P. Sinyavsky, L.V. Cherckesova, G.N. Shalamov, A.N. Zaichenko

Ohmic Contacts to n+-GaAs with Refractory Metal Sidewall Diffusion Barrier
Erofeev E.V. KagadeiV.A. Kazimirov A.I. , Fedin I.V.

Open source tools for model-based FPGA design
Romanov A. , Slaschov B.

Oscillistor Sensors of Nonelectric Quantities
Cheredov A.I. , Shchelkanov A.V.

Parameters extraction technique for optimal network functions of SC circuits
Filaretov V., Gorshkov K., Kurganov S.

Photoelectrical Characteristics of TiO2-Si Heterostructures
Kalygina V.M. , Egorova I. S. ,Prudaev I.A. , Tolbanov O. P.

Portable hardware-software complex for calibration and verification of pressure sensors
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Properties of metall-TiO2-Si structures on an alternating signal
Kalygina V.M., Makarov V. A., Prudaev I.A., Tolbanov O. P.

Radiomeasuring Microelectronic Transducers of Physical Quantities
Osadchuk A.V.

Research of Characteristics and Opportunities of Application of Piezoelectric Films
Ivanov A.V., Trushin V.A., Churuksaev N.A.

Simulation elastic components of nano- and microelectromechanical systems during design
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Stability of characteristics of resistive hydrogen sensors based on thin tin dioxide films with deposited catalysts Pt and Pd
Gaman V.I., Almaev A.V., Maksimova N. K.

Subminiature Eddy Current Transducers for Studying of the Titanium slabs weld seams
Malikov V.N., Ekkerdt K.U., Katasonov A.O., Filimonova A.U., Sycheva A.U.

Surface Acoustic Modes in Cs2TeMo3O12 Single Crystal
Taziev R.M.

Surface and Leaky Acoustic Waves in YCOB Single Crystal
Taziev R.M.

Surface physicochemical properties of the AIIBVI, (AIIBVI)X(AIIBVI)1-X semiconductor adsorbents - materials for sensor - detectors
Kirovskaya I.A. , Nor P.E., Bukashkina T.L. , Mironova E.V.

Synthesis, physicochemical properties and prospects of using new materials on the base of chalcogenides AIIBVI in sensor technology
Kirovskaya I. A., Mironova E. V., Leonov V. E. , Kosarev B. A. , Grigan A. A.

The device for determining the distance to single phase fault on the power line
Kletsel M.Ya. , Borodenko V.A. , Goryunov V.N. , Nikitin K.I. Batulko D.V. , Petrova E.V.

The gas-analytical multisensor chip based on monolithic catalyst elements
Lashkov A.V., Dobrokhotov V.V., Sysoev V.V.

The hardware-software complex for grounding systems technical state determination
Avdeeva K.V.

The measuring converter of current with the low pass filter
Solovev D.B.

The optical properties of 9 MeV electron irradiated GaSe crystals
Redkin R. A. ,Prudaev I. A. Sarkisov S. Yu., Kosobutsky A. V. Brudnyi V. N.

The UHF oscillators based on a HEMT structure with negative conductivity
A. Semenov, O. Semenova, O. Osadchuk

Ultrasound device for detecting small changes in the velocity of acoustic waves
Muraviev V.V., Zlobin D.V.

Wireless Digital Platform for Environmental Gas Monitoring
Samotaev N.N., Ivanova A.V., Oblov K.Yu., Vasiliev A.A.

Деградация характеристик гетероструктур AlGaInP при облучении быстрыми нейтронами
Орлова К.Н., Градобоев А.В.

Перестраиваемый параметрический генератор излучения в промышленной системе контроля и управления компонентным составом бензинов
Щербакова А.А.

Система идентификации компонентов и управления детонационной стойкостью топлива в режиме реального времени
Щербакова А.А.

Улучшение характеристик байпасного устройства литий-ионной батареи
Брянцев А.А., Букреев В.Г.

Нелинейные явления и эффекты в кристаллах мультиферроиков при воздействии внешних магнитных полей
Черкесова Л.В., Безуглов Д.А., Заиченко А.Н.

Section 8. National Instruments for Education, Science, and Industry

A Computer Simulation Of The Talbot Effect
Romanova T.N. , Scuibin B.G. , Shchetinin G.A.

About Ball Mill Fill Level Monitoring System Development And Research On Its Efficiency
Eremenko Y.I., Poleshchenko D.A., Glushchenko A.I.

Advanced Hardware-Software Complex For Single Event Effects Testing In Integrated Circuits Under Heavy Charged Particles Exposion
Karakozov A.B. Nekrasov P.V. , Bobrovsky D.V., Marfin V.A.

Affective states asessment system based on heart rate and facial expressions using LabVIEW
Kiryukhin A. , Aleksey A.

Automated complex carrying out full-scale experimental research ship model
Shiganov A.V. , Titkov I.V., Shikov A.N. , Belyashov V.A.

Automated data acquisition system for lithium-ion accumulators test bench
Mizrakh E.A., Shtabel N.V., Balakirev R.V.

Automated information and measuring system of the experimental system for the study of intrachamber processes in liquid rocket engines
Zarankevich I.A. , Borovik I.N., Strokach E.A.

Automated I-V Measurement System for CMOS SOI Transistor Test Structures
Shvetsov-Shilovskiy I.I , Nekrasov P.V., Ulanova A.V., Smolin A.A. , Sogoyan A.V.

Automated Radiation Test Setup For Functional And Parametrical Control Of 8-Bit Microcontrollers
Loskutov I.O., . Karakozov A.B, Nekrasov P.V., Nikiforov A. Yu.

Automated System For Correction Of Functional State Of Production Workers
Varnavsky A.N.

Automated Test Bench For Security Elements Of Medical Equipment For Resistance To Defibrillator
Lankin M.V. , Gorbatenko N.I. , Stetsenko I.A. , Shaikhutdinov D.V. , Dubrov V.I. , Shirokov K.M.

Automated Test Complex For Operational Amplifier ICs Parametric And Functioning Monitoring
Demidova A.V., Borisov A.Y., Kessarinskiy L.N., Boychenko D.V.

Automated Test Complex For Parametric And Functional Control Of Voltage Regulators And DC-DC Converters
Belova M.P. , Pechenkina D.V. , Borisov A.Y. , Kessarinskiy L.N. , Boychenko D.V.

Automated Test System For Parametric Control Of Voltage Supervisors
Aristova N.E., Borisov A.Y., Tararaksin A.S., Kessarinskiy L.N., Yanenko A.V.

Automatic Control System For Memory Chips Performance In A Radiation Experiment
Boruzdina A.B., Orlov A.A., Ulanova A.V., Grigor'ev N.G., Nikiforov A.Y.

Automatic Test Complex For Parametric Control Of Power Nmos And Pmos Transistors
Aristova N.E., Borisov A.Y., Tararaksin A.S., Kessarinskiy L.N., Yanenko A.V.

Automation of experimental study of X-ray dependecy using ionization chamber
Smirnov A., Ivanova A. , Khoronzhuk R.

Bionic Hand Based On MyRio
Filippov I.M. , Alekseev A.I. , Solovyeva N.M., Vasiliev S.E., Alexander A.A.

Data management system for Li-Ion battery monitoring
Belov N.V., Cheremuhin V.E., Zhmatov D.V., Gorkin V.P.

Development In Labview And Imaq Vision Of Device For Two-Dimensional Fourier Spectrum Of Diffused Coherent Light By Fracture Of Imposite Superconductor Observations
Nikitin A.V., Aghayan K.Y., Balakina E.A., Vyatkina A.K., Grishina D.D., Ersayyn R.J., Inkar M.A., Karimberdiev B.B., Kim T.M., Encoded D.F, Minaylov S.V., Nguyen H.C., Osaulenko D.V. , Sadykov S.I., Nikulin S.A., Khanzhin V.G.

Development of virtual device for empirical modes decomposition of biomedical signals
Churakov P.P., Alimuradov A.K., Tychkov A.Yu., Kuzmin A.V.

Device For Control Of Magnetic Properties Of Electrical Steel For Industrial Production Management System
Shaykhutdinov D.V. , Gorbatenko N.I., Akhmedov S.V. , Leukhin R.I.

Device For Control Of Valve Parameters Of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Narakidze N.D. , Akhmedov S.V. , Shaykhutdinov D.V. , Gorbatenko N.I.

Dynamic System Simulation Using Delta Operator in LabVIEW Environment
Karimov A.I. , Karimov T.I.

Elements of the information-analytical system for automation of pressing powders
Baryshev G.K. , Maksimkin A.I. , Rodko I.I. , Biryukov A.P.

Equipment for testing and diagnostics of power semiconductor devices
Bespalov N.N. , Ilyin M.V., Kapitonov S.S.

Evaluation of the dynamic characteristics of electromagnetic actuators by using virtual devices from National Instruments
Pavlenko A. , Batishchev D., Puzin V. , Klimenko Y.

Experimental Method Of Coolant Volume Flow Rate And Vapor Content Measurement For Rbmk Type Power Plant
Panasenko R.A. ,Karpinsky G.G. , Botyachkova A.I. , Polikhov S.A.

Experimental multiphase flow loop
Karpinsky G.G. , Botyachkova A.I., Polikhov S.A. , Panasenko R.A.

Experimental Setup for Investigation of Parametric Processes on Traveling Acoustic Waves in Solid
Moshkin V.V., Moshkina A.V. , Preobrazhensky V.L. , Pernod P.

Hardware-Software Complex For Wireless Sensor Networks Data Collection And Analysis For Industrial Safety And Environmental Monitoring
Sukhanov A.V. , Prokofiev I.V.

Hardware-software complex to record and preprocess a signal of the retarding field analyzer
Kazantsev A.V., Strokin N.A.

High-Speeddigitizernipxi-5152 And NI PXI-1042 Chassis Usage For Acoustic Emission Waveform Direct Observation
Nikitin A.V., Aghayan K.Y., Balakina E.A., Vyatkina A.K., Grishina D.D., Ersayyn R.J., Inkar M.A., Karimberdiev B.B., Kim T.M., Encoded D.F., Minaylov S.V., Nguyen H.C., Osaulenko D.V., Sadykov S.I., Nikulin S.A., Khanzhin V.G.

Hydroacoustic Profilograph with Linear Frequency Modulation
Grigorev K., Poletaev A., Chensky A., Dobrobaba C., Chensky D.

Implementation Of An Optimal Signal-To-Code Design Using Logic Integrated Circuits
Zhilyakov E.G. , Ursol D.V.

Implementation of PPM Modulation and Demodulation using NI Digital Electronics FPGA Board
Baiguanysh S.B., Mirmanov A.B., Alimbaev A.S., Makartseva A.Y.

Implementing the Mode of Spectroscopic Measurement in Piezoresponse Force Microscopy into the Cryogenic Atomic Force Microscope
Andreeva N. , Ustinov A. , Filimonov A.

Information technology - assessment of competence of technical university students
Berestneva O. Marukhina O. Fisochenko O. Romanchukov S.

Information-Measurement System For Stend For Testing Hydraulic Products
Dubrov V.I. , Shaykhutdinov D.V. , Shirokov K.M. , Akhmedov S. V. , Gorbatenko N.I.

Laboratory system Investigation materials and objects properties by acoustic emission method
Ovcharuk V. , Purisev Yu.

Light Meter CEM DT-1309 Data Acquisition with LabVIEW
Popov V.S., Rumyantseva E.I., Heybetullah Cengiz

Measurement system of dose profile parameters for medical electron accelerators
Rodko I.I. , Maksimkin A.I. , Panasenko R.A. , Khalfin T.M. , Symin A.V.

Monitoring of levels of electromagnetic radiation from base station antennas
Stacenko L, Ageeva A.

MOSFETs selection software to form parallel and series connections
Bespalov N.N., Lysenkov A.E., Ilyin M.V., Kapitonov S.S.

Multilateration radar system with data aggregation
Mashkov G.M., Borisov E.G.,Gomonova A.I.

NI software and hardware for school physical laboratory
Korneeva M.A. , Mouratov M.N., Konovaltceva L.V. ,Kvasha I.V. , Stepina S.P., Butko N.B.

Power Control And Supply Current Monitoring In Laser Single-Event Effect Testing
Tararaksin A.S. , Savchenkov D.V. , Novikov A.A. , Borisov A.Y. , Kessarinskiy L.N.

Power supply system for wireless sensor network
Uvaysov S.U., Ivanov I.A., Ivanov O.A.

Processing The Results Of Measurements Of Operational Amplifier Parameters
Svetlov A.V. , Sapunov E.V.

Program for modeling transient off of power semiconductor devices
Bespalov N.N. , IlyinM.V., Kapitonov S.S., Lysenkov A.E.

Quality analysis of plastic lenses for imaging applications
Lebedev B.U., Karov D.D., Tukhvatulin A.Sh., Monkkonen K. , Vayrynen J.

Remote Access To The Laboratory Workshop in Electronics Based on National Instruments Software and Hardware
Shtrapenin G.L. , Lazarev K.Yu.

Research complex for registration and processing acoustic emission signals
Purisev Yu.

Research hardware and software package for studying the properties of materials and products using acoustic emission
Ovcharuk V. N.

Research Three Phase Dds Generator At The Ni Elvis Stands
Kuznetsov A. , Zverev A. , Kuznetsova M. , Agarkov V.

Setup for Magneto-Acoustic Resonator Characterisation
Moshkin V.V., Moshkina A.V. , Preobrazhensky V.L. , Pernod P. , Yankin S.S.

Signal Measurement System Of Intermediate Frequency Radar Receiver
Zhiganov S.N. , Smirnov M.S. , Romanov D.N.

Simulation Of Stochastic Resonance Effect In Labview
Vidmanov D.A., Rumyantseva E.I., Petrosyan O.G.

Simulation Stand For Testing Of Oil And Gas Industry Objects Control Algorithm
Popadko V.E., Barashkin R.L. , Zuev S.A., Severenko V.S., Antipov O.D.

Software complex for the research of the muscular reactions and kinematic activity of stepping movements during spinal cord stimulation
Shiganov A.V. , Titkov I.V. , Shikov A.N. , Savohin A.A.

Software Of The System For Long-term Ionospheric Monitoring In Very Low Frequency Range
Poletaev A., Chensky A., Grigorev K.

Software System That Implements A Hybrid QM/MM Model For The Study Of Atomic Structure And Properties For Nanosystems
GlukhovaO.E. , Savin A.N. , Kolesnikova A.S. , Savostyanov G.V. , Slepchenkov M.M.

Stand For Assessing The Quality Decimated Signal To A Digital Receiver
Zhiganov S.N. , Smirnov M.S. , Romanov D.N.

Synthesis and Research of the Hardware-Targeted Numerical Integration Methods in NI LabVIEW
Butusov D.N.

Temperature correlation velocimetry technique in liquid metals
Sviridov E.V, Belyaev I.A., Poddubnyi I.I., Razuvanov N.G. Zagorsky V.S.

Tests Of Metal Samples On Static And Dynamic Loads With Application Of Equipment National Instruments
Skvorsov O.B. ,Savenko V.S. , Troitskij O.A. , Stashenko V.I.

The Automated Test System For Parametric And Functional Control Of The Modern Transceiver IC's
Davydov G.G. , Kolosova A.S. , Kessarinsky L.N. , Boychenko D.V.

The computer laboratory practical works "The Bases of Electronics"
Zhukov, A. A. Dotsenko, O. A. Kochetkova,T. D. Novikov S. S. Pavlova A.A.

The control system of the experimental electrical circuits on educational laboratory suites in electronics
Maksimkin A.I. , Panasenko R.A. , Rodko I.I. , Khalfin T.M. , Semenenko A.N.

The implementation in LabVIEW algorithms for streaming audio content filtering, based on the use of hidden Markov models
Savin A.N. , Timofeeva N.E. , Geraskin A.S.

The measuring systems of semiconductor structures and its software
Ermachikhin A.V. , Litvinov V.G. , Maslov A.D.

The numerical modeling of a posteriori algorithms for the processing of a random wave impulse sequences
Voskoboinikova G. Khairetdinov M.

The Research of Redundacy in Avionics Color Palette for On-Board Indication Equipment
Zharinov I.O. , Zharinov O.O. , Kostishin M.O.

The Study of Electromagnetic Processes and Characteristics Systems with Open Magnetic Core
A.V. Demin, E.G. Andreeva, I.Semina

The System Of Registration And Calculation Of Penetrating X-Ray
Kuptsov V.D. , Markelov Ja.S.

The Toolkit For Automation Design Of Digital Systems With Parallel Architecture
Andreev V.S., Malyutin M.O. , Karimov A.I. , Karimov T.I.

The table length meter of a towed sumbersimble
Chensky D., Grigoriev K., Chensky A.

Unique features of electronic device testing using NI-technologies
Butin V. , Butina A. , Chubrukov F.

Use 3-D Schedules Labview For Documenting And Visualization Of The Given Field Geophysical Researches
Kosheleva E.A., Koshelev S.A.

Using Modules Ni Pxi-7841r Rapid I/O Modulefor The Functional Control Of The Microprocessors
Marfin V.A. ,Nekrasov P.V. , Kalashnikov O.A. , Kagirina K.A.

Utilization of NI PXIe-4844 Interrogator for High Resolution Fiber Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric Sensing
Ushakov N., Liokumovich L., Medvedev A.

Voltage Generation Effect In Magnetic Shape Memory Materials
Lozin O.I. , Leukhin R.I. , Shaykhutdinov D.V. , Akhmedov Sh.V. , Gorbatenko N.I. , Grechikhin V.V. , Shirokov K.M. , Bolshenko A.V.

Wireless touch telecommunication control system of gas leakage from the gas transmission system
Uvaysov S.U., Bushmelev P.E., Bushmeleva K.I., Plusnin I.I.

Новый Метод Диагностирования С Использованием Данных CAN-Шины Блока ECU Автомобильного Двигателя
Ольшевский С.Н. ,Клименко Д.Н. , Борисов А.А. , Орехов А.К.

Помехоустойчивость передачи радиосигналов с КАМ в каналах с замираниями
Борисов С.В., Выболдин Ю.К., Гомонова А.И.

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