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The AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk ChapterThe large variety of application fields need engineers with a strong multidisciplinary training mastering besides electronics, with such fields like bioengineering, chemistry, material science, etc. We are always looking for potential talented volunteers among section' members. Volunteers are an essential part of the IEEE organization. IEEE members who volunteer their skills and time take pride in knowing that they play an important role in an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all. Becoming an IEEE volunteer can be a gratifying and memorable experience. Whether your skills are suited for organizing conferences and meetings, financial reporting, communicating or maintaining web sites, chances are the Russia Siberia Section or Tomsk Chapter, or even the Region 8 is in need of someone with your expertise. Additional opportunities for involvement include standards development, fund raising, awards and educational activities and the development of new products and programs.

Through volunteering IEEE, we have met many wonderful people from around the world. Many of whom will be friends for the rest of life. Volunteering with IEEE has indeed helped us so much in soft skill development, including leadership, management, and presentation skill. In short, IEEE has transformed us from an ordinary engineer to a successful professional leader. It has broaden our career network, and connected us to the worldwide engineering community.

A volunteer is not somebody willing to work for the Society, but rather being part of it
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