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"Tomsk (Russia) Student Branch". In IEEE R8 Newsletter, vol. 4, N 4, November 2001, p. 16.

E-mail List StatisticsFor share information on the IEEE activities in Siberia and Tomsk SB an e-mail list has been created. It is catalogue and is of archive.

The e-mail list is intended for Russian-speaking participants, because of our main problem is attraction of new members, especially students. By means of our list the participants regularly receive the information on scientific conferences, programs, research grants, and news of Tomsk Chapter and Student Branch. The main emphasis is laid on information about IEEE benefits and where to publish students' scientific papers.

Do you want to receive an information of the Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch always, free and operatively? The best way is subscription on e-mail list.

At present the email list contains:
1. information about conferences, seminars and symposiums in Russia and abroad;
2. information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on scientific travel abroad;
3. address and other information about all scientific and educational foundations;
4. address and telephones of organizations and very good people;
5. proceedings of international symposiums in Siberia Section;
6. rules of publishing a paper in journals and many many many other!

Virtual Siberia Section of the IEEE:


We are receiving many letters from students and scientists who are interested in IEEE activities and IEEE membership. Today there are more than 1000 list subscribers, and 60 % of them live outside Russia. This shows the great opportunities the Web provides for the description of IEEE activity in the Siberian region and growing interest in the IEEE. We are sure that the list promotes our activities very well.

At present the "" service is the best holder of more than 3000 e-mail lists in the world. The service "" (and its English version "") allows the maintainer of e-list to receive a profile of subscribers with generalized statistics of questionnaires, which each subscriber fills out. Statistics of our list shows that there are about 40 percents of subscribers related to radio engineering and electronics. Half of the subscribers are between 18 ard 25 years of age, 17 % are women, the third part holds an M.S., and only one tenth another scientific degree.

There are no doubts that the list has established and enhanced new contacts between participants, and increased IEEE membership by means of Siberian savvy resources.

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