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The AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk ChapterIn a global economy, the movement of people and ideas beyond traditional geographic boundaries accelerates both economic growth and the expansion of professional opportunities for knowledge workers. Within engineering fields, English has become the primary shared language of professionals working on a cross-national basis.

However, most of the growth in academic programs that are educating the next generation of engineers is occurring in emerging economies and other world regions where English is not the native tongue. Many new graduates of these programs will be at a competitive disadvantage if they do not master the technical language of the global engineering profession.

To address this need, IEEE has introduced a series of Technical English Programs, focused on disciplines of interest to the organization and delivered to students and faculty members in selected locations.

The pilot programs of this venture, co-sponsored by the IEEE Educational Activities Board and the Russia Northwest Section, were staged in St. Petersburg during November 2007, and in May and December 2008.

These intensive and interactive sessions include:

  • presentations from IEEE subject matter experts;
  • workshop sessions centered on specific terms and concepts relevant to technical fields;
  • an opportunity for each attendee to make an oral or written presentation in English to other participants and to receive feedback.

    Additional information about IEEE Technical English Programs is available from members of the University Programs staff. Contact: or

  • The Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch promotes the scientific information, promoting the studying of English; assists a process of training and science development; actively participates in the IEEE activities. Also Tomsk IEEE Chapter hold the international events and conferences.


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