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Workshop on Statistics Methods

The AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk ChapterOn May 22th 2009 the Siberia YP event took place at Tomsk Polytechnic University: Oleg Stukach gave a lecture about Statistics Methods to Siberia YP members who attended this meeting. Oleg is responsible of the radio electronics, total quality management, and control systems and in particular he takes care of the topics of the quality management via statistics methods and the governance of productive processes. He has a long experience in companies of roadway and communication services covering various and important responsibility positions. His lesson dealt with the statistics management in the most current meaning, the fields of application, the methods to it correlated and the results that can effectively be reached. Moreover, particular attention was focused on the profession of statistics manager, figure that increasingly assumes a key role in the companies that would grow in a context of total uncertainty and at same time would have the control of the productive processes and the business.

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