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The IEEE is a great resource to obtain the latest standards.
It has developed (and revises continually) 900 industrial standards in the fields of electrical, electronics and computer engineering.
Wireless lan, Hyperlan, Firewire are all defined by the IEEE.
Given the great interest in the different standardization activities, the Standards Association has created a news bulletin.

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) invites you to explore our membership programs, products, and services - tools that can elevate your career, your organization, and your industry. Find out what the IEEE-SA can do for you.

Members of the IEEE-SA represent technological innovation, global participation, and dedication to the on-going advancement and promotion of new concepts.

IEEE Standards AssociationConnect to a vast network of your counterpartsfrom leading world organizations, giving you access to new contacts and information to create next generation standards. You get focused connections for your industry standards concerns and a full range of standards services.

The IEEE-SA offers both individual and corporate membership. IEEE-SA Individual Membership empowers you to shape the future of technology while advancing your personal professional stature. IEEE-SA Corporate or "Entity" Membership is for groups in which standards play a central role in R&D, product development and marketing.

Our staff is globally oriented and here to serve you in all your standards needs. Our member service team includes skilled experts in documentation, publishing, project management, administration, market research, IT, marketing and public relations, event planning, standards licensing and contracts, international standards, new technology acquisition and technical program development.

Visit the IEEE-SA membership areafor more information.

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The IEEE Standards Association is a leading developer of global technology standards for today's industry, particularly information technology, telecommunications, and power and energy. For detailed information, visit theIEEE-SA website.

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