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The Tomsk-IEEE seminar "Systems of modeling, development and control"

by O. Stoukatch, Senior Member, IEEE
Tomsk Chapter (Siberia Section)

The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"It is well known that a priority for ComSoc is to increase activity in Chapters. After establishment of the Tomsk Chapter for promotion of the IEEE activity and increase of interaction between scientists and engineers of the Tomsk universities and scientific organizations, the Board of the Tomsk Chapter has organized the Tomsk-IEEE seminar "Systems of modeling, development and control" working several years.

For this time more than hundred sessions was held. The basic purpose of continually working seminar is discussion of scientific problems by the Tomsk scientists on seminar topics. The scientific Chair of the seminar is doctor of technical sciences, professor Alexander A. Shelupanov, scientific secretary is Elena M. Davydova. The large practical and scientific interest has reports and questions on information security, the voice signals processing, theory and practice usage of the automatic adaptive systems in technological processes and training basing on neural networks and genetic algorithms.

Financing, assistance and support of the seminar applying by department of Complex Information Security of Computer Systems (KIBEVS) in Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (Head is prof. A.A. Shelupanov).

It is necessary to note the very important fact. The seminar participants are not only members of Tomsk IEEE Chapter, as well as scientists from other universities and institutes. The seminar activity is assisted by the IEEE Foundation (project 2001-051). The seminar generates an interest to IEEE benefits and promotes increasing membership of the Tomsk IEEE Chapter and student branch.

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