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Student Branch and Young Professionals Congress in Leuven, SBC-2010

The AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk Chapter Students from all Region 8 - Africa, Asia and Europe have been invited to meet in Paris in Pierre & Marie Curie University, to initiate the future IEEE student branch activities at Student Branch and YP Congress 2010 from August 31 until September 3. SBC in the IEEE Region 8 takes place every two years. Tomsk representative Olesya Kozhemyak was delegated from Russia Siberia Section.

Approximately 260 IEEE Volunteers from 40 Countries attended the Congress, including IEEE President and President Elect. Furthermore the R8 Director, as well as other prominent IEEE VIPs, e.g. Marko Delimar, Gerhard Hancke, Kurt Richter, Martin Bastiaans, and many others like the R8 SAC team were also there.

The SBC held many interesting workshops, lectures, and talks. Within the offered workshops "Efficient Student Branch Management", "Networking Student Branches", "Time Management", "Leadership Skills" and many others it was possible to get in contact with student branches like Leuven, Passau, Budapest, Saint-Petersburg, Istambul, Madrid, Padova. Representatives from 38 nations discussed and worked on the understanding each other and with the chairmanship on modern technical aspects were argued. Also professional and educational activities were brought to the audience's attention by the volunteers during their sessions.

The high point of the SBC social program was the multicultural evening, where each section presented its country with traditional food, clothing, and specialties. For this multicultural evening boost we bring a lot of vodka and black bread. So the Siberian spirit completed the multicultural evening. The SBC closing session included the panel discussion. The panel consisting of IEEE VIPs, like President and President elect, answered questions concerning future of student activities and general questions of the IEEE. An international garden-party set an end the congress.

Beside the official part, there was enough time for meeting new friends, networking, and having fun. It was a great opportunity to meet people from different cultures and make friends - not only with the SPC participants, but also with the local organizing committee.

We have a hard time to leave with so many places left to visit. We hope to visit next SBC with IEEE assistance again that give us the opportunity to visit beautiful places and reunite with the friends we made there.

The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings

Kakuzo Okakaura

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