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Benefits of the IEEE Student Membership

Benefits of the IEEE Student Membership

1. Receive Your Own Personal Subscription to IEEE Spectrum and Potentials
Winner of four prestigious National awards, Spectrum delivers to you each month the latest technological information with behind-the-scenes stories to put the news in context. Potentials discusses career issues and other subjects of interest to those starting out in the electrical and computer engineering professions.

2. Enhance Your Career by Networking with Technical Experts
Participate in Student Branch activities, and in local, professional Section and Chapter meetings where members meet members and industry leaders to discuss technical and professional issues and career concerns.

3. Save with Low Member Prices on IEEE Products
Your membership gives you access to the world's most comprehensive source of electrical and electronics publications, specialized books, conference records and published standards. IEEE provides the best technical information in the world and your membership entitles you to low member prices on all of it.

4. Attend Top Technical Conferences at Low Member Rates
Accept invitations to attend and participate in numerous technical conferences in a variety of technical interest areas as well as educational seminars, technical and professional programs and courses.

IEEE Student Membership 5. Establish Yourself Early in the Profession's Premier Technical Organization
IEEE members are the technical and scientific professionals making the revolutionary engineering advances which are reshaping our world today. To enable young professionals who join IEEE as students to maintain their membership through the early years of their career, IEEE provides a graduated dues program. When you graduate with your first professional degree, with no interruption to your IEEE membership, you may be eligible for up to your years of reduced IEEE dues and assessments.

6. The IEEE Financial Advantage
The IEEE Financial Advantage Program can help you meet the challenges of starting out on your own. Availability of products depends on where you live.

7. IEEE units are one of the most positive elements because:
- a vigorous affects the spirit;
- improves the overall academic atmosphere;
- faculty is strongly and positively affected by the enthusiasm and student accomplishments;
- overall improvement in the learning environment greatly contributes to the students own learning;
- growth the reputation of the department and the institution is helped as such an enthusiastic group goes out and gets jobs.

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My IEEE is your personal profile in the IEEE
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