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Workshop on Development of Leadership Skills

The AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk Chapter Tomsk Joint Chaper and SB at TPU and TUSUR has organized a workshop for their members. The workshop on Development of Leadership Skills was held on Wednesday on 18 April 2007 in the main building of TUSUR volunteered by Dr. O.V. Stukach. The workshop is aimed at familiarizing attendees with the concept of Leadership, the role of a leader and how to build leadership traits in ourselves and others.

The skills developed are appropriate for application in management or leadership positions in various types of organizations, including business, industry or volunteer activities. An important part will deal with problem solution and cooperation with difficult team members by a proper involvement in the process of problem solving and decision making. During the workshop the different types of conflicts as well as the various strategies and their consequences was analyzed. Choosing the right team is a preventive measure to minimize the causes of conflicts, and during controversial discussions it is important to have a team, which acts as objectively as possible by keeping to the facts and weighting the consequences of the decisions. Moreover, in order to select the right person for a certain position, it is very useful to know and to categorize his personality.

The main objectives of this workshop were to improve the leadership skills of the student, and to help in preparing the students to the work area environment. A lot of facilities were used in performing this workshop such as power point slides, questionnaires, and lots of papers were studied and discussed about leader ship skills and how to improve them or even build them in the personalities. After listening the explanation and experience in the leadership field, questionnaires were distributed among the students and the discussion between the small group members started to solve them. Finally, all participants were invited to a small tea buffet.

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