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Student Branches Industry Relations (ISBIR) ProgramWe are inviting you to participate in a new program called ISBIR - IEEE Student Branches Industry Relations. This initiative is launched by more than 30 Student Branches and volunteers from Region 8. Now the program cover all IEEE Regions offering many benefits to every IEEE member. Program launched its actions to make IEEE better known throughout the industrial world and promote its services and advantages.

ISBIR aims to combine all industry-related activities in one IEEE program worldwide and seeks to maximize the interaction of young members of the IEEE with industry and commerce. ISBIR offers to both the IEEE and industry members a large set of options with the objective of stimulating the interaction between them: social networking tools, CVs database, international internships and job offers, support to the initiatives with the industry and a set of protocols already established.

Some of the ISBIR benefits:

Through the ISBIR Portal, Industry and Students can easily find the best candidate or job profile for their needs;
Major participation in College activities, increasing the companies' visibility; Access to many talented people worldwide, from different engineering areas;
The more effective way in qualified Human Resources;
Worldwide company advertising and promotion;
The capacity to announce new programs, competitions, events, etc.

Let we go!ISBIR Program also give support to any kind of professional activities and projects about industry-university collaboration. Your branch could also join to any local initiative promoting this collaboration in the local region like science parks, professional projects and incubation centers.

Main aim of ISBIR is to combine all industry-related activities of SBs in one program and establish a platform that people can share their best-practice or problems and IEEE members can benefit many opportunities that industry offers. Our basic goal is to activate and encourage SBs to become an effective vehicle to introduce advantages of IEEE by forming strong and permanent relations with industry. At this point, SBs play an important role by arranging professional activities and meetings with executives, by establishing their internal formations about industry relations and by bringing several opportunities to IEEE members.

Probably, there are many companies in your region unaware of IEEE and its local and international advantages. Within the ISBIR program, your branch will observe industry needs and report us with the support of your section and university. You will determine strategic action plans with the company by matching demands and services both your IEEE SB and company can offer. In addition to the advantages of IEEE, your branch could also offer local advantages to the company. We will guide SBs on how to prove managers that companies can convert the advantages of IEEE to their own advantage by human resources and consultancy means.

With ISBIR, the opportunities served by the industry will add value to the IEEE network. ISBIR Portal is the key point where you can access almost everything about the program. All information, applications and actions are available online. The first step to enjoying the benefits of the program is filling in the application forms. Join the Student Branches Industry Relations (ISBIR) ProgramStudent branches, industry representatives, IEEE members can all be involved in the program by filling in these applica-tion forms. Once you submit your application, there is a variety of things you can do: uploading your CVs, publishing your job advertisements, sharing your experiences and questions on forums and many more. Moreover, ISBIR Support Subprograms are awaiting applicant student branches to provide them with funding, publications, consultancy, speaker supports for their actions. For further information and applications, you can visit the ISBIR Portal right now at: ISBIR Team is eager to support IEEE volunteers from all around the world! As a valued IEEE member, you can contribute to IS-BIR not just by getting involved in it but also by sending your suggestions.

If local section of your country can assign an Industry Relations Officer, both your section and branch can benefit from the advantages of ISBIR program. Also, we suggest to establish an advisory board consisting of industry, academic, student and IEEE representatives so that your branch or section can consult to advisory board in order to find solutions and offer suggestions to your regional matters and problems you have encountered while forming your network with industry. In brief, ISBIR program will give your branch the
chance of benefiting from many advantages including career opportunities, financial support and common industrial and technical projects. Do not hesitate to contact us about anything related to industry relations!

During Student Branches Congress 2006 in Paris, a workshop called Industry Relations from SB aspect was organized. This workshop was the first step to achieve ISBIR Program goals. SB officers have had the chance to share their best practice and problems about industry relations. ISBIR network platform established during the congress will be carried after SBC Paris 2006 to online platform. We are now taking the support of Region 8 Student Activities Committee and Industry Relations Committee both for ISBIR program and workshop content. We will get a full ISBIR package prepared for you during the congress. You will get all necessary information and guidance manuals in the congress for your branch and your section related to industry relations.

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