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E-Mail and Communications Services

The IEEE offers a personal email alias service with free virus scanning. IEEE members can register or update a personal alias of their choice (subject to availability and on a "first come, first serve" basis). Messages addressed to the will automatically be forwarded to a real Internet email address. Some advantages of having a personal IEEE email alias are:

LEOSAn email address, which is independent of your service provider or employer;
  • Only one place to make changes to your e-mail address;
  • IEEE aliases are usually much easier to remember and simpler to use than the real address;
  • An E-Mail address that associates you with the IEEE.

IEEE eNotice Service

IEEE eNotice is an electronic newsletter subscription service that has been  developed for IEEE organizational units to facilitate email distribution of  newsletters, meeting notices and IEEE conference materials.

The source of email addresses for eNotice is the IEEE Membership Database,  new members are automatically added, members who move to a new Section are  automatically moved, and past members are excluded by default.

Each message gives the member an opportunity to opt-out of future eNotices.

When an IEEE officer requests an eNotice, it is sent to the organizational  unit (OU) to which that officer belongs (e.g., when IEEE Boston PES Chapter  Chair requests an eNotice, it is sent to IEEE Boston PES Chapter members  only).

Please use the IEEE conference eNotice form for conference eNotices.

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