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ComSoc Hosting of the Tomsk Chater and Student Branch Website

The AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk ChapterThe Tomsk Chapter and Student Branch Website has been hosted since 2003 on the official IEEE ComSoc organization web space. Also the Website has home pages of YP Affinity Group and Russia Siberia Section. Mirror of the Website for a long time hosted on the TUSUR web space. This has limited our Chapter in terms of administrating the pages and implementing new functionalities to interact with its members.

As a part of IEEE, a leading association in the world of new technologies, our Chapter since first day of opening join this new trend and transform its website so that it becomes more member oriented, allowing engineering community to drive the content and interest in a more dynamic and efficient ways.

The Website is functionally divided into parts of English and Russian, we have photos and papers directories. Tha main goal of the Website is information. It is information about Tomsk Chapter and Student Branch, YP Affinity Group, Russia Siberia Section, our members, structures, the service offers, with also links to external IEEE pages like the IEEE, the IEEE Region 8 etc. Other resources will be added depending on the user's needs. The Website will only succeed if it's embraced by the community it is dedicated to.

We will stay vigilant on the way our site will evolve and will take feedback into consideration to improve it. We invite everyone to participate with ideas and suggestions to keep our Website a reference in the world of engineering. Join us now and become part of the IEEE community.

The Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch promotes the scientific information, promoting the studying of English; assists a process of training and science development; actively participates in the IEEE activities. Also Tomsk IEEE Chapter hold the international events and conferences.
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