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Advice for volunteers

The AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk Chapter Management of the SB is a tough work. One of the first thing to do is to identify or select the members of the students team that will work in implementing the student branch. The team members have to be proactive and enthusiastic to encourage other students to become members. That could be performed by ads in information boards or even, at the beginning, organizing informative meetings but sometimes people don't participate on this meeting so one particular way to attract potential members is to start organizing short seminars about interesting topics in electronics and technology. You can ask for help to the IEEE local members to become lecturers of suggest people who can do it. It is necessary to briefly introduce the advantages of becoming an IEEE student member and leave to each person a copy of the member application form every time.

Your Section or Branch can hold a Student Professional Activitie Conference, SPAC, a half or full day program of technical and/or career oriented presentations. It is common to invite all engineering students.

Lunch meetings are also effective in sparking interest, particularly if you can find a sponsor to free beer and shashlyk.

Preparing for Student Member Elevation

The AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk ChapterIn June and August many IEEE student members automatically elevated to higher grades of IEEE membership. Proactive engagement of graduating student members is necessary to raise their awareness of IEEE's enabling role in their professional career. In addition to campaigns and programs coordinated by the MD Staff, Sections and Chapters play an important role in helping with a student's transition.

Recruitment Best Practices

Peer-to-peer referral is the most prominent means of member recruitment. Individuals are not likely to join IEEE unless they are asked. Your might consider the tactics and tools below.

For all Section events and activities in which non-members may be in attendance have membership brochures available, and dedicate time to asking non-members to join IEEE.

Use the half-year dues period as a peak recruitment time. This allows people to test IEEE membership for a smaller price. Services commence immediately upon joining and continue through December.

Advertise Section and Chapter events effectively. Get your event covered in a local newspaper. If people see your advertisement, it may spark their interest in attending your event and joining IEEE.

Bring a friend or colleague to a Section or Chapter meeting.

Include membership recruitment reminders in Section and Chapter newsletters.

Distribute IEEE membership applications to conference attendees or encourage them to apply online. Aggressively promote IEEE membership during technical conferences.

Announce and provide information on the Member-Get-A-Member program at Section, Student Branch and Chapter meetings.

Post notices of IEEE activities on office bulletin boards and electronic communication. Submit articles on employee IEEE involvement and show how this can reap benefits for IEEE membership.

Share positive IEEE experiences with your colleagues on professional meetings. This will show potential members what IEEE means to you.

The Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch promotes the scientific information, promoting the studying of English; assists a process of training and science development; actively participates in the IEEE activities. Also Tomsk IEEE Chapter hold the international events and conferences

Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time

Arnold Glasgow

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