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If you're not already a member of the IEEE, we hope you'll consider joining. We've put together some information here about reasons to join, the benefits of membership, how to join, including the student branch. There are many reasons you should join, many benefits, and it's not expensive. If you'd like to speak to a committee member about joining, please contact us and we'd be very happy to talk to you.

In order to join the IEEE or obtain a membership application please visit You may apply on-line and pay with a credit card, or fill out the application on-line, print then fax to IEEE, or download a file of the member or student member application and send the completed application to IEEE. You can receive the application form by e-mail: Please include your name and address.

To become an IEEE Member, you have three ways to choose from.

1. The first is to register online at where you would need to pay using a credit card. Registering online includes Secure vs. Non-Secure options. When you click Begin Membership Application, you are using the Secure option which safeguards you against credit card fraud by encrypting data as it is transferred from your web browser to our server. This method is preferable.

2. The second way is the Print and Mail with Payment Option.
Get the convenience of using the web form without submitting a credit card over the Internet.
1 - Click Begin Membership Application above
2 - After the application summary, click the Checkout button
3 - Select Option 2, Print and Mail with Payment

fill in application formYou may also obtain a hard-copy application by sending an email to or by downloading an Adobe PDF application.

3. The third way is through our Chapter. We hold recruitments drives for both half-year and full year membership. To help students register conveniently, our Chapter gives out free membership forms to anyone interested. He or she then just need to fill in the forms according to the samples we prepared. We receive cash for payment and we help to endorse and send every form received to the IEEE Admission and Advancement Department. Any problems please do not hesitate to contact us at

Your IEEE member number will arrive by postal mail in 4-6 weeks.
What If I Want To Renew My Membership?
If you wish to renew your membership, you can either choose to following.
1. Renew online
Please keep your IEEE Membership, view/update of your current membership information and add Society memberships and subscriptions to IEEE publications. You will need your IEEE Web Account or your IEEE Member number and PIN to access the secure online renewal application. Accept online payment via credit card. After you renew, you can always add new services to your IEEE membership. Thank you for renewing your membership.

IEEE student membership in our region is heavily discounted. Membership costs can be found online at To join, visit, and follow the 'Join IEEE as Student Member' link. You then need to sign up for an IEEE web account, where you will be asked to choose a username and password for use on the IEEE website. You can then sign up for your Student or Graduate Student membership. Remember to choose UNIVERSITY OF... as your School/University - this ensures that your membership is associated with this student branch. If you experience any problems joining the IEEE, please use the contact page to let us know.

2. Renew through Chapter
Most people would receive their renewal forms before the end of the year. You may bring your renewal form to our membership recruitment booth along with your registration fees. If you did not receive any renewal forms from the head quarters, do not worry for we will prepare renewal forms for you. You can also always make arrangements with our committee members to pass up your forms.

Processing of your application through internet is faster! You will receive a confirmation letter and a welcoming package within about 2-3 weeks. Application through airmail takes significantly more time You will need an appropriate payment method. If you don't have a credit card, payment can be arranged via the Student Branch. Please contact us
If you encounter some problems with the application, please refer to the 'frequently asked questions'-section or contact us.

RepinPlease note that the best quick way to start your membership services is by using a credit card to pay your membership dues. You should follow the directions on the web. By using a credit card, once your application is approved, IEEE staff is able to download the application and the credit card payment at the same time and the application is immediately sent to Admission and Advancement for processing the same day. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to you including their IEEE membership number within five business days of your application and payment being received and processed by the IEEE. Within approximately two weeks of your application being processed, you will also be sent their the first issue of Spectrum magazine and the new member welcome kit.

The technical IEEE Societies provides publications, conferences, colleagueship, and many other benefits within 41 specialized areas. A brief synopsis of each society is available on URL Each Society publishes issues the professional journals "IEEE Transactions on...". An IEEE member may join as many Societies as desired. The discounted rates are allowed only for subscriptions used personally by the society member. Society members also receive a society newsletter, conference announcements, and other information relating to available activities and products.

Student members receive the award winning IEEE Spectrum Magazine, The Institute and IEEE Potentials Magazine. There is a substantial discount on their IEEE membership, a 50 % discount on all Society memberships and a discount on Society journals. Student members also receive a 5 year recent graduate discount program after graduation. As a Student member you have access to the world's most comprehensive source of electrical, electronic and computer engineering publications. Other advantage is participation in conferences. The IEEE Student Member will gain valuable leadership experience and developing interpersonal skills.

Most IEEE Society memberships include a preferential subscription to "Transactions" or Journal. Other Society publications are purchased as optional publications within the society, and General Interest publications may be purchased by any IEEE member. All IEEE members automatically receive a complimentary subscription to "Spectrum" and "the Institute". IEEE members can purchase all IEEE publications, conference proceedings, merchandise, periodicals, self-study courses, standards, CD-ROM and videos at a discount.

You can receive additional information on telephone: 1-732-981-0060, fax: 1-732-562-6380, e-mail: Address: IEEE Member Services, P.O. Box 1331, 445 Hoes Lane Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331, USA.

Join the IEEE! IEEE is a good Society!


Tomsk Chapter is not only Chapter. It is an idea to make the brilliant connection into professional society. This is not networking as usual. It is a new way to create, inspire, connect and integration. It is a permanent conference. We are hard working to make your networking unforgettable


The Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch promotes the scientific information, promoting the studying of English; assists a process of training and science development; actively participates in the IEEE activities. Also Tomsk IEEE Chapter hold the international events and conferences

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