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Chapter Power Seminar at Dynamics

Region 8, join the IEEE!Our high Chapter-promo seminar was held in conjunction with Dynamics 2014 and proved to be a success with many new people in attendance. Our Chapter Chair opened the seminar by giving a fun introduction to the IEEE and the student and Chapter activities in Russia Siberia and internationally. Next, vice-Chair gave a research talk about benefits of IEEE for its members and deeply explained the IEEE Student Transition and Elevation Partnership (STEP) program.

After those presentations there was time for invited key note speakers. Following the lectures there was time for the social part of the event, during which participants could get to know each other and share their ideas and experience.

Next time was dedicated to small group work. People were divided into teams with team leaders from different fields. Task for each team was to invent a device or solution which would integrate different fields of technology. There were no strict boundaries for the project in order not to limit teams with their concepts; however there were few aspects that they had to take into consideration, e.g. power supply, electronics, interfacing, connectivity, etc. All of the teams came up with innovative and useful solutions that could make out life easier in future.

This well-planned and professionally executed workshop gave the participants a chance to focus on the topics being presented, to exchange experiences, and to networking.

The workshop was a huge success with over 35 students and professionals. This even was just a first step in integration of different engineering fields to make our scientific work more innovative. Furthermore, the participants gained a valuable overview of the way of working in the professional engineering community. Moreover, after a very convincing STEP presentation we are certain that recently graduated students members will stay in the IEEE organization.

We would like to thank experts from industry and university, for their indispensable contribution to the success of this workshop. The sustained success of this young and valuable program requires the time and energy of both student and professional IEEE members.

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