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Report on the Student Paper Contest and Conference on the Information Security (SIBINFO-2006)

with IEEE Communications Society technical sponsorship

by Roman Mescheriakov and Oleg Stukach

Student Paper Contest on the Information Security (SIBINFO-2006) was held on April 18-19, 2006, in Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR), Dept. of Complex Information Protection of PCs at support and participation of the Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch, financial sponsorship of the IEEE Russia Siberia Section and technical co-sponsorship of the IEEE ComSoc.

SIBINFO-2006Representatives of the Omsk State University (Omsk), Siberia Avto University (Omsk), Perm State University (Perm), Ufa State Aero Technical University (Ufa), Udmurt State University (Izhevsk), Hackask State University (Abakan), Voronezh State Technical University (Voronezh), Taganrog State Radio Technique University (Taganrog), Chelyabinsk State University (Chelyabinsk), and TUSUR were participated.

Organizing Committee and Jury:
A.V. Kobzev, Prof., Rector; A.A. Shelupanov, Prof., Chair of Department of Development and Protection of Computer Tools of TUSUR; G.P. Agibalov, Prof., TSU; A.V. Agranovsky, Dr., Ph.D., Rostov-on-Don, E.V. Belov, Vice-Chair of the Education-Methodology Division on the Information Security; V.P. Bondarenko, Prof., TUSUR; E.D. Golovin, Chair of the YP Affinity Group of the Siberia Section; P.D. Zegzhda, Prof. SPb; A.P.Kovalenko, Rector ICSI AFSB; O.B. Makarevich, Prof. Taganrog; A.A. Maluk, Dr., Ph.D. MIPhI; R.V. Mescheriakov, Dr., Ph.D, TUSUR; N.A. Popov, Dr., SACU; O.M. Ravodin, Dr., TUSUR; M.T. Reshetnikov, Vice-Rector; S.N. Smirnov, Chair of Education-Methodology Division, IKSI AFSB; E.S. Syssoev, Vice-Chair of Tomsk Region UFSB; G.P. Chizuhin, Prof. PGU, Penza; O.V. Stukach, Dr., Chair of the Tomsk IEEE Joint Chapter.

The rules of SIBINFO-2006 were compiled basing of the Student Paper Contest of IEEE Region 8. The professional jury has selected submitted 72 papers and has accepted for presentation at the oral final 30 papers.

On oral presentation the authors of the best papers was awarded:

Grade Name University Paper
1 Denis Morozov Tyumen State University Near Far Control of Configuration Changes of the Service System
2 Tagir Bakirov Ufa State Aviation University Multi-Agent System of Analysis Protection of LAN
3 Olga Shevtsova Tomsk State University of Control Systema and Radioelectronics Methods of Software Obfuscation
1 Pavel Mikhailov Omsk State University Method of Lockar and System of Recognize of Flash-Mobes
2 Eugene Kharin Far-East State University On Systems of the Automated Protocol Analysis
3 Elena Levitskaya Snezhinsk State Physics-Technic Academy Hidding of the Important Information in Digital Images
3 Mikhail Lobodin Noth-Kavkaz State Technic University Biometric System Based on Polynimial Resides Classes

The papers of winners will be published in the Proceedings of the International IEEE-Siberian Conference on Control and Communications SIBCON-2007 (ComSoc Techn. Co-Sponsored).

SIBINFO-2006Participants of contest took part in excursions to Security Technology Company, educational and scientific laboratories of TUSUR, student dormitory, and was acquainted the 400-year history of Tomsk city.
The financial assistance of the contest was provided by Security Technology Center of TUSUR and the Russia (Siberia) Section. The contest has no continuing source of support, and relies on the initiatives of the organizer in each successive year to find a method of financial viability.
The support of IEEE, and especially the ComSoc Society, has been very important to SIBINFO. Contest promoted recruiting of new members in IEEE and in ComSoc in particular. In conclusion TUSUR thanks the IEEE Communications Society for co-sponsorship and hopes for continuation of mutually advantageous cooperation.

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