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Report on the Student Paper Contest on the Information Security (SIBINFO-2002)

with IEEE Communications Society technical sponsorship

by Evgeniy Golovin and Oleg Stukach

International IEEE-Siberian Conference on Control and Communications (SIBCON), April 20–21, Tomsk, RussiaWe report that in Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) the Student Paper Contest on Information Security SIBINFO-2002 have been successfully held during April 23-24, 2002.

The Contest was organized by department of Complex Information Security of Computer Systems (KIBEVS TUSUR) - leading department on engineering training in the field of information security in the Siberian area. The information assistance was supported by Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch, YP Affinity Group of the Russian Section of IEEE, with technical co-sponsorship of the IEEE Communications Society. It should be noted that contest was carried out in great success in many respects due to the ComSoc sponsorship.

More than 30 papers took part in the contest, best of which were selected for the oral final of contest, which was held on April 24 in the TUCSR conference hall. On final presentation more than 20 persons with all country from Rostov up to Astrakhan has arrived. Accommodation of participants was in the city hotels of various comfort and price level. Students Branch members made the accommodation work.

SIBINFO 2001In the April 24 morning Alexander A. Shelupanov, the academician of International Academy of Sciences of High School, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of KIBEVS dept has opened the oral final. Also the dean of Computing System Faculty V.V. Grishaev has salutatory word. The paper level was various, both initial and professional. During contest the conference hall was full by students of new KIBEVS specialty on complex information security, experts and specialist from other universities. All finalists of contest were honorable by gifts and souvenirs. Winners of contest are awarded by prizes, diplomas and valuable gifts.

The final considerably "decorate" unforeseen circumstances. In the middle of the report in the hall electricity has cut off and whole 15 minutes lecturer had show their slides "on fingers". But after switch on electric power the organizers more 10 minutes tried to start Windows, which constantly gave an error "A critical error. The program will be closed" and switch off. Nevertheless, final has carried out at a high level.

Alexander V. Lysenko from Ural State University becomes the winner of contest with the most interesting paper "Algorithm of Installation of Digital Watermarks Basing on Wavelet-Transformations". The second place takes Evgenia V. Smorodnikova from TUCSR for paper "Analysis of Methods of the Keyboard Handwriting Recognition" and Constantin A. Lakin from Penza State University for paper "Methods of Data Audit Analysis in the Intrusion Detection Systems". The third place was divided by Kirill G. Lazarev from Samara State University with paper "Integrate Digital Signature Schemes Basing on the Elliptic Curves", Alexei V. Kustishki from Krasnoyarsk State Technical University with paper "Reservation Data Algorithm Development" and Roman A. Hady from Rostov State University with paper "Idea of Crypto-Compression algorithm".

Also the prize of auditorium, which determined by participants, awarded Alexander O. Vasiliev from Astrakhan State Technical University with the paper "Poisoning of Computer Through Browser Internet Explorer 5.0" for an active participation in discussion and interesting report. All papers were accompanied by long enthusiastic wild discussion of participants, which was difficult to stop.

After oral presentation and awarding the winners the excurse on Tomsk with its famous attractions and neighborhoods was carried out for the contest participants. Professional guide told about one of the oldest cities of Siberia. The guests are enjoying seeing wooden architecture of city very much. Radioengineering building stands on the bank of the river Tom. There is a beautiful sight to boundless Siberian spaciousness. Tomsk was founded in 1604 and it is historical city of 400 years old. There are plenty of historical landscape (Siberian taiga, cedar forests), cultural and architectural objects that are able to fix attention of a visitor.

After excurse participants bring in the House of Scientists, where gala-concert of TUCSR' student was carried out. The best VIP places were reserved for the participants. Our guest did not want to go home after concert and in the evening veg out in the night club, where are fly off the handle with the IEEE students accompanying.

The contest participants have noted a high level of such event, which improved year by year, and will be shortly transformed into real international contest. You are welcome!

In summary we want to wish thank you to new IEEE Student Branch members, as well as management of KIBEVS dept. for the active participation in organization SIBINFO-2002, and certainly to all contest participants. We always would like to hear your opinion and offers on perfecting the contest organization. We wish you success and look forward to meeting on following SIBINFO-2003!

This work was supported by the IEEE Foundation (project #2001-051)

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