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Dynamics of Systems, Mechanisms and Machines

Russian and Foreign Leading Scientists in OmSTU Have Discussed the Urgent Problems of Research and Development

Region 8, join the IEEE!The Ninth International IEEE Scientific and Technical Conference "Dynamics of Systems, Mechanisms and Machines" (Dynamics) has been held in Omsk State Technical University.

The OmSTU Vice-Rector in Research Anatoly Kosykh opened the forum. He has noticed that 580 papers have been submitted for the conference from Russian scientists and worldwide. More than 700 scientists take part in 25 sections. Topics covered technical and humanitary issues.

Tomsk Chapter & Student Branch Presentation at Annual Reg. 8 Chapter Chairs Meeting, Milano, September 22, 2002: Award for Tomsk Chapter"The conference purpose is to create a forum for scientists to communicate, discuss they own ideas to mark perspective fields. Evaluation of researches is necessary to each scientist. It is possible to hear it in this conference, and to estimate another's ideas. Conference assumes the openness of knowledge. Everyone is interested that it idea becames property of the world", - Anatoly Kosykh said. -  "Our ideas is so good, but implementation has low level. It is thing from Soviet times. It is necessary to learn China experience, includes commerce. So, it is an exchange of ideas".

Evgenie Kosintsev, the representative of Ministry of Economics of Omsk Region considers that the Conference is relatively authoritative by technical content. One of result of the event will be "modern and new forms of training of technical experts".

Irina Larionova, deputy chief of department of Ministry of Education characterized the conference as appreciable and significant scientific event.

It is necessary to note that for the first time the conference was hold in Omsk under co-sponsorship of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Russia Siberia section. All materials of the conference will be indexed in IEEE Xplore that will allow to develop system of effective professional communication.

The plenary session was opened by OmSTU Vice-Rector in Edication, Alexander Myshlyavtsev. He delivered report concern properties of crystals and use it for creation of new nano-materials. Anatoly Kosykh in this report spoke about new technologies of microelectronics.

We hard worked for given an applied character to MEMS. Today a considerable part of printers, pressure gauges, microphones are used MEMS. If we arrange a mechanical and electric parts in one chip, so it is possible to design any gadget in small dimensions. Hence we receive low bias. Our problem is to develop such devices that use MEMS or create gadgets based on competitive devices.

There were scientific reports and discussions in sections "Dynamics Machines and Mechanisms", "Machines Technologies", "Mathematical Modeling", "Computer science", "Instrument making", "Metrology", "Nanomaterials" etc. during three days.

Vice-Chair of the Tomsk IEEE Chapter, Oleg Stukach has delivered the master-class for participants of membership benefits. "In a matter of fact, the institute is the world-wide community", - he said, - "and we are volunteers of this Institute. There are some standards in the scientific world concern quality of publications, activity, etc. Omsk State Technical University must be presented in the community, it is our goal, it is matter.

It was 72th birthday of OmSTU during "Dynamics". The musical ensemble "Premier" has shown the concert program in honour of University.

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