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Information for Workshop Organisers

With Lenin. the young foreverBelow please find some information concerning the organization of the workshops: Information for optimum arrangements

The number of participants is variable from 10 to 50+ (opt. 20~30).
Workshops duration
Workshops are full-day events starting around 9 a.m. till around 5 p.m. There are coffee and lunch breaks. It is essential that participants are aware of the workshop duration in advance!
Meeting room
If possible tables and chairs should be arranged so that groups from 3 to 5 persons could sit together and have discussions without interfering with those of the other groups. However, our experience showed that lecture hall like seating arrangements are possible too.
For the power point presentations a screen is very much appreciated otherwise we have to produce more than 120 view graphs for each workshop. If possible as a backup a PC or laptop would be excellent in case our laptops go on strike. A flip chart and/or a black (white) board) would be helpful too.
Local Trainers
The intention of the Program is to provide a training for local persons who are interested in continuing the workshops. It would be nice if interested participants are informed about this possibility .They also would get additional material to help them. We will try to recruit 1 or more interested persons during the workshop.
The expenses for the organizers are the local costs for facilities, coffee breaks etc. and those for accommodation and meals for the trainers.

For more information please


Dr. Oleg Stukach
Tomsk Polytechnic University
TPU, 30 Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634050, Russia


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