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Presentations and Public Speaking

Presentations and Public Speaking in English
It is extremely important to every engineer that they learn to give effective presentations! As engineers, we often develop excellent technical skills, but have little training in other areas. No matter how good or important an engineer's results might be, if he can not effectively communicate them, the results will not be valued by their management or peers. This presentation covers the main areas of presentations, including delivery skills, presentation materials and finally, the content. Techniques to help over come nervousness are discussed as well as a number of common mistakes that people make that can distract the audience from the presentation content

With Lenin. the young foreverAt present the unique factor of scientific qualification is the scientific degree, which is awarded by results of thesis fulfillment. In modern conditions the resolute events on improvement of high qualification personnel training are necessary. It is one of priority directions of the Tomsk IEEE Chapter activity.

There are many publications on scientific writing and fulfillment of the thesis. But this publications in a deal is collections of the legal documentation and commentaries. However technology of contact with the council, scientific chief, publishing of results etc. is not presented.

The international events and conferences show that majority of the Russian participants do not know, how to write and to present reports and papers. The scientific articles are written on the old templates, as continuous school text. Lecturers does not even realize that such work anybody does not read and the contribution them in a science is equal to zero.

Also despite the fact that material for thesis is presented, thesis is not fulfilled. One reasons is ignorance of the modern requirements to presentation of results and methodology of scientific work publishing.

Within the framework of the short course the following questions are considered:
1. Methodology of scientific creativity.
2. Publishing of results.
3. Contacts with the foreign colleagues. Publications abroad.
4. Scientific societies and using of their resources in scientific activity.
5. IEEE as unique society in the world, deserving your membership.
6. Administrative problems connected the thesis.
7. Choice of theme, the dissertation title, statement of problems, motivation of urgency, novelty, usefulness, validity of researches, achievement of the thesis methodology.
8. Fulfillment of the documents. Examples, forms, and templates.


Dr. Oleg Stukach
Tomsk Polytechnic University
30 Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634050, Russia


An accessible, example-based guide to effective strategies for exciting, modern and successful academic and business lectures. The author draws from his experiences. Most valuable resources including lecture slides and videos of presentations

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