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Signal Chase

James D. Taylor. "Signal Chase"

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Signal ChaseColonel Red Bannerman has three weeks to determine why top-secret Dark Star spy planes disappeared over Manchuria. He suspects trouble when Major Ardis Moore finds reports about the new Chinese Qualin Pagoda radar system disappearing from military intelligence databases. Red uses his Russian scientific connections to work from a secret fortress near the Manchurian border. Out of favor in Moscow and waiting for a Chinese invasion, General Alexei Suvorov sees a chance to save his country through Red's mission. Old enemies become friends when Red and Ardis build a makeshift electronic spy plane. A daring flight into Manchuria finds the weapon that American traitors gave to China. To rescue Ardis and her comrades captured by rogue CIA agents, Suvorov and Red launch a preemptive raid to capture a Qualin Pagoda counterstealth radar and prevent an imminent nuclear attack. They expose an international conspiracy reaching into the highest government levels.

About the author: James D. Taylor's experience as an Air Force officer, engineer and military historian provide excellent qualifications for cooking up an insider's mix of geopolitics, patriotism, romance and high technology. After retiring, he edited and co-authored two books on the ultra-wideband radar technology described in Signal Chase.

About the book
The book, 332 pages in length, is available through in paperback for $15.50 or in dust-jacket hardcover for $21.75. You can find the book at as well as book stores across the country.

"I must admit that I modeled the Belegorsk airport after what I saw at Tomsk"
James Taylor

You must read the Signal Chase!

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ISBN 1-4140-1868-1


What a wonderful response form your Russian friends to Signal Chase. Is that why they want to use pgs. 136-137? because it's Russian Airport setting? Perhaps that will bring even more sales

Susan Lawson


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